Alaska Guides and Outfitters, Beware

Alaska ChickAdjusting and improving Pioneer Outfitters’ website has shown me many different mistakes and a vaguenesses that I am doing all I can to clarify to give you the best information possible.

This post, when it was first published was titled, “Alaska Guides and Outfitters, THI ~vs~ BSYW ?”  I know! “Huh?

Here it is, in simple words folks, there are people out there in the great big world that will tell you exactly what you want to hear, with no thought at all to honesty or what will happen if the only concern in their minds is booking your Alaska Big Game Hunt with a deposit.

  • What do you want from your Outfitter when you start calling around after researching on-line and by word of mouth?
  • After all the dreaming, planning, even if only in your own mind, to ask the questions, what do want to hear?
  • Alaska Guides and Outfitters, the step you take in the direction of the dream, the holy grail, what do you want to hear?

To hear someone Blow Sunshine Your Way, or do you want to hear from an Outfitter with experience and expertise, that will give you Truth, Honor and Integrity?

Master Guide Terry Overly
Master Guide Terry Overly, chatting with You.

This is something I think about quite often. Sometimes, the right way, in my opinion, with Truth, Honor and Integrity, just doesn’t work. This bothers me more than I should probably let it, but isn’t that what the strong strive for? Truth. Honor. Integrity.

I am not going to tell a prospective client, that everything always goes perfectly, nice and smooth, timely and cheerful, no cranky, or that tired guides- never happen, horses waiting patiently by the hitchin’ rails to be saddled and no way do they ever run off, the weather is bound to be cool and bright with the wind blowing in your face everyday. It simply doesn’t work like this, no matter how hard you try, every time.

Life happens.

  • Your gear you mailed ahead didn’t show up.
  • Your rifle had a mishap somewhere between when you lovingly put it in it’s case and when you put the first shell through down at the shooting range.
  • The guides came home with news that his camp should be moved after hunting for seven days and coming home with a priceless trophy that the client dreamed of, only to be stiffed with little to no tip and a cold he caught from that same client! That was after it rained and snowed the first six and a half days while you were hunting.
  • That storm that hit the last hunt? It is still here.
Range Horses
Well… horses do have advantages as well.

This is what I can and will tell you: Your Outfitters’ #1 concern is your trip.

From the questions you ask being answered honestly and forthcoming. To being welcomed warmly and made feel an honored guest. To enjoy delicious, home cooked, plentiful meals while you are with us at the Lodge or in camp. To be provided with a knowledgeable, experienced guide that wants nothing more than to see your face when your dream comes true. To be your hero when he finds the dang horses that don’t understand that hobbles are supposed to slow them down. To coax, badger or push, if need be, you into taking that one last climb so you can stop, gasping and clutching your chest. Then, when you finally open your eyes and realize you are there, you look over and you see.

The Dream.

I will tell you the Truth.

I will will show you and myself Honor.

I will have the Integrity to work hard for you, with no used-car-salesman- tactics.Master Guide Terry Overly

When you call Pioneer Outfitters you can believe what you are told.  You will have the decades of living in the area and being in the area, running dog sleds, taking Summer Trips, playing around, hunting, trapping, snow-machining, making a life and then a living just doing what we do when you share it with us; all, at your disposal and for your information and safety.

You will have a team of outstanding, professional guides working for you. You will have the complete focus and attention of the one guide chosen to best meet your needs and wants, to succeed. You will have one of the best hunting areas and Master Guides in Alaska working to help you take a hold of that dream.

You will be able to look back and remember how hard everyone worked, how much fun you had, even if you did actually gain 5 pounds, how you thought you’d never be warm and dry again, you have the pictures to prove it (!), how sore your butt was, even with the half day spent waiting for the guide to come back with the horses, at least it wasn’t sore from Sunshine being blown your way- oh no, not with this weather!

So, do you want to be told, or only agreed with?

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.

― C. S. Lewis

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