Alaska Horseback Adventure Quickie

We had an amazing couple of days with “Ruger’s” parents when they cut their cruise short to come visit us (and their son!).

What a surprise! Did we have time to take a short Adventure? Of course! We had plenty of time for a Horseback Adventure Quickie!

Ruger has been with us for awhile and I have a lot of faith in his determination to do whatever it takes to become an Alaska Big-Game and Wilderness Guide. More, he is a very sincere, hard working, honest, very smart young man. (yes, I’m still feeling pretty old!)

Now, we know where he gets it.

Chad and Kay could only be with us for a couple days before they had to catch their flight home to be with Ruger’s younger brothers and sister.

We wanted to show off our world a little bit, so the horses were wrangled in and we set off!

Alaska Horseback Adventure Quickie


The fact remains, YOU are what makes what we do, worth everything.

Yes, we love our lives, what we do and how we do it. The reason we do it, though, is all about sharing it.

To know there is no place else like Chisana, Alaska, to know I can take you places to see things that will, with no doubt what so ever, move you. That’s why I do what I do.

Alaska Horseback Adventure Quickie

Do you want to learn and pan for gold? Do you want to hike up a glacier? Do you want to ride across the tundra as far as your eyes can see?


Do you want to feel, when you crawl into your sleeping bag at night, that this was the most amazing day ever and wonder what tomorrow will bring? (I’d love to show you.)

Our Mini-Adventures (an Adventure Quickie, as we call them) give you almost as many options as our longer Adventures, for a very small dose of what Alaska has to offer.

Do you want to stand above the world and be reminded how small everything else really is?

The Mini-Adventures are for those who are touring Alaska by car and want something special, off the beaten path.

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