Hunt Alaska, Dream Alaska

The 4th Hunt in AlaskaIt is the dream so many people have, to hunt Alaska. From the time I was a child, I dreamed of Alaska. Whether you hope to one day hunt Alaska or dream of Alaska, sharing with you (here on-line or in person riding by my side) the sights, smells, feelings and experiences that I have each day is one of the greatest gifts this life has given me.

Chisana is located in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, deep inside the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain ranges in a remote and completely untamed wilderness. Accessible only by aircraft, Chisana has been left unchanged or marred by commercial tourism.

Hunt Alaska, Dream Alaska

The 4th Hunt in AlaskaAnother beautiful and cold morning greets me, as I stretch outside my tent. Last night’s campfire still smoldering with wisps of smoke curling upward in the breeze.

The horse-bells are dinging and the creek, only feet away provides a steady rush-roar of background sound.

The sun rises and hits the snow covered mountains, giving the bright and pure white to pink and blue hues.

The coffee is perking and the scrape of steel over stone as the knives are sharpened in anticipation for the work to be done today.

We’ll be riding across the bench again today, all eyes alert for the big Grizzly Bear we hope to find gorging himself on our moose gut pile.

Riding into camp a couple of days ago, stopping to call and glass here and there, I rode on and suddenly about 200 yards directly in front of me appeared a magnificent bull Alaska-Yukon Moose, looking straight back at me, as if I had simply appeared as well.

The 4th Hunt in AlaskaSlowly turning and urging Thunder back the way we came, I softly whispered, “Moose!” to my crew. We quickly dismounted and tied our horses, slowly moving through the bear-berry bushes and brush.

I turned to my hunter, Chuck, and told him that he looked to be the one, but I wanted to take another look before giving him the “go.”

Of course the huge bull moose had his butt to me, and after a moment I gave him a quiet cow-call to get his attention again. As he turned back to look for the cow he had yet to collect into his harem, I could easily see he was indeed, a “dandy” moose.

I ranged him, to be sure, at 242 yards and Chuck settled his rifle barrel on my shoulder. A deep breath, plugging my ears, releasing the breath slowly, “BOOM!” (“Good shot, hit him again.”)

The thrill was written all over Chuck’s face as we untied our horses to ride closer to see this “dandy” up close and personal.

Chuck Moek, an electrician from Chicago, said he is the hunter that always gets his game on the last day, he could have never imagined that he would harvest his dream of an Alaska-Yukon Moose on the way to camp.

The 4th Hunt in AlaskaAnother after-thought Chuck shared with us as we took pictures from all angles, was, “I had hoped for, on my hunt in Alaska, a gorgeous 55” to 57” trophy to put above the mantle of my fireplace. I wonder where I’ll put this 67” Alaska-Yukon Moose Trophy?! Will it even fit?!”

So, we’ll go back up today and pick up his rack and the remaining meat and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find his next hoped for critter, the mountain Grizzly Bear, there as well.

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  1. How Sweet is that! On the way TO camp! That rack looks like it would make a good chair! It’s huge! What a thrill for him.

    As Always ~*~

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