Insider Tips on Your Alaska Adventure

Planning an adventure or vacation is supposed to be part of the fun! Adventures and vacations are necessary to refuel your spirit and passions.

But this isn’t always what we get, is it?

Pioneer Outfitters is located in the very remote and amazingly beautiful Wrangell Mountains of Alaska. It is a fly-in area and has remained, untouched and unmarred by commercial tourism.

Today, I will will share with you a few insider tips on your Alaska Adventure that will provide you with the knowledge and options that will not only allow you to enjoy the planning of your Adventure, but also the Adventure you dream of and certainly deserve.

Insider Tips:

You are going to have the Adventure of a lifetime! A truly unique Alaska Wilderness Horseback Adventure in the incredibly remote and historic Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters.

Number 1 Tip! Use your check list!

Mail your gear ahead of time. Make sure you mail your gear no less than 4 weeks before you are scheduled to arrive in Chisana.

 Address your box / boxes directly to yourself, in care of Pioneer Outfitters. 
For example:

John and Jane Smith

c/o Pioneer Outfitters


Tok, Alaska 99780

~They will arrive before you do, and they will be waiting for you in your cabin when you step off the plane on Pioneer Outfitters’ airstrip. Make note of the cost of postage, and repackage them to be mailed back when your Adventure comes to an end. They can be mailed back to yourself from Tok, or Pioneer Outfitters will assure they are put on the next mail plane after you depart for home.

You may also feel  welcome to bring / send your own saddle and chaps if you choose to.

Pioneer Outfitters supply everything you will need for a safe and comfortable Alaska Horseback Adventure, except for your personal items, clothing, sleeping bag and pad.

A gear list of recommended items will come in your Welcome Packet as well as a check list and a trip budget page to assist you with planning. Rest assured, you will know what you need.

Don’t worry! This is fun!

If you find that you need help, advice or forgot something once you are here, just call, email or ask and we will do everything we can to fulfill any needs you may have.

Things to remember!

Now, some of these reminders may sound simple, some may sound a bit snarky, but they are not intended to be.

Safety and being prepared are the keys, not only to a safe and comfortable Adventure, but for the most enjoyment as well.

It is Alaska! Think, “layers.

Wind and rain are simply part of the Alaska Wilderness experience, be prepared!

Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes, for camp. There is nothing after a day in the saddle, to sit down by the fire and take your boots off. To dry them, or to just rest your feet in softer shoes.

*If you have extra batteries or chargers for cameras or video cameras, bring them!

They can be left with instructions, labeled with your name, at the Lodge while you are on your Adventure. If you run out of “power,” we may have the opportunity to “send” for them, switch them out for you and you wont miss that picture!

As wet and windy as it can be here, surrounded by glacier ice and mountain storms, it can just as easily be incredibly hot.

I cannot stress enough, how important layers are. You can always take them off and tie them behind you, on your saddle. A brimmed hat and sunglasses are on your gear list as well.

Most of all, remember to bring your sense of adventure with you.

If you are unable to find it, we can help you with that as well ().

You are coming here to make some incredible memories and we are here to help you with that.

Everything else, comes in second or third place to fulfilling whichever dream brings you to us at Pioneer Outfitters.

These are the only insider tips you will need to remember to make a huge difference to the level of enjoyment and hassle-free feeling of your Adventure beginning when you arrive at your airport to fly into Alaska.

We would love to welcome you to Chisana and be part of YOUR Adventure!

Book yours now.

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