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Inspiring Alaska Chick's BlogAlaska Chick’s Blog third birthday is coming up fast, at the end of the month, and I am liking very much, the feel of my skin, here online.

I missed my first ever blog-post deadline yesterday (Friday, as I write this). Friday Facts. Every Friday, I try to post interesting facts about us, our area of the great state we live in, the beautiful Park we are part of and items of interest along those lines.

I ran smack into, face first, website issues, infograph issues and simply issues that come from living in a much too small of a space, on a day that wasn’t very conductive to yelling, “Go get the stink blown off you! Out! Out! Out!”

So, I am going to do what I do and be grateful to all the people who have touched my life and made me strong enough to handle all life throws in my path.

During the course of the beginning of this shiny new year, I have set new goals and created an incredibly difficult posting schedule for myself to live up to… which, I will!! Don’t give up on me. I was also blessed in some pretty big ways.

My first blessing came from someone I met, when Alaska Chick’s Blog was a newborn and I was completely in the dark about everything, online. She befriended me, watched over me and was always there to unravel the biggest worries with her words and presence, without fail.
Betsy Cross, of What If Today, nominated me to receive the Inspiring Blog Award.

Really?! Was all I could think. It was what I try so hard to be, it was what I want to give the world. For me, to receive this award, this particular award, from this particular person, was HUGE.

Betsy is an incredible friend. She is sensitive and incredibly caring but best of all for me, she is always ready to see the glorious and insanely funny side of life. Our own lives. Betsy has taught me so much, simply by the example she lives, about forgiveness and joy.

There are strings.

(I said she was wonderful, not a sitting duck!)

…and there are ALWAYS strings…

There are rules to follow if you choose to pay it forward:

  • Inspiration for Alaska Chick's BlogFirst: Highlight 7 other bloggers.
  • Next: Include 7 Words or phrases I like in any language(s)
  • Finally: Share 7 little-known facts about myself (I’m running outta things I haven’t already told you!!)

THIS I can do!

Seven Bloggers, who inspire me, keep me striving to do better, teaching me how and who make me smile, simply reading their words.

  • Gail Young of Gail’s Forum  … Someone I believe I was meant to meet. Courageous.
  • Jayme Soulati of Soulati Media  … Smart and Sassy with a perfect and enchanting smile. Strong.
  • Peg Fitzpatrick of Positively Peggy  …HOW in the world did I not really meet Peg before Pinterest?? Energizing!
  • Gloria Romlewski of Just Working with My Spirit  … Gloria is the most empowering human I have ever met. Freedom.
  • Marjorie Clayman of Margie’s Moments of Tiyoweh  … But it isn’t simply the amazing Margie, it is …like the heart, the living, beating heart, of the entire world, to me, to look up to. The Online Safehouse is just that, for anyone to know, and believe, they aren’t alone. Love.
  • Aaron Biebert of 8pm Warriors …Aaron, and his Warrior wisdom has made it ok for me to be proud of my own Warrior self. A Warrior to touch the world. He’s also Attention Era Media and someone I look to, to Stay the Path.
  • Rebekah Loper of Rebekah Loper, Writer … Rebekah, brings to life with words, to what lays beneath or just beyond our vision. Imagination.

My 7 Words or Phrases? They come from the inspiration I receive from the people who make a difference in my life.

  • Courageous
  • Strong
  • Energizing
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Stay the Path
  • Imagination

And finally…

Share 7 little-known facts about myself (Seriously… all I do is talk about myself!) Okok, a deal’s a deal…

…wow… still thinking…

Ok! I am ready now! My 14 year old son is “helping” by giving me some ideas that I might not have already shared with some of you! (Yeah, Jayme, that was for you!!)

My son says: “Tell them this:

  • Zach says I am obsessed with vacuuming the house. Ok, I can see how any male would think vacuuming once a day is extreme…. (moving on…)
  • My boy also advises me “It doesn’t have to be interesting, does it? Tell them how tall you are, what color your eyes are and if you can remember the color your hair was.” (What a smart-ass. I’ll deal with him later… after I write my post!) I am 5 feet, 3.75 inches tall, my eyes are green and my hair color was light brown. (Ok, it took me a minute.)
  • Zach also thinks, what he calls my “morning routine” hilarious. In my own defense, I must say it isn’t me! It’s the guinea pigs! Really!
  • I am more comfortable wearing leather than silk, wearing cowboy boots, rather than shoes.
  • Impetuous. A word I have heard used to describe me. I do believe they are referring to “Bullheaded, headstrong, forceful and relentless.”
  • I fight against my feelings “being hurt” everyday.
  • What pees in my post-toasties of inspiration? (Instant mind-blanking-piss-off) Laziness.

So, this is my thank you to Betsy Cross, for finding the inspiration in me that I so badly want to share with the world and I now pass the torch.Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide on Pinterest!

Did you know?… Pioneer Outfitters is on Pinterest now! Come, feel welcome and check out Pioneer Outfitters on Pinterest!



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13 Responses to Inspiring Alaska Chick’s Blog

  1. Happy, silly day! You are so much fun. But…I’m taller than you! Yippee! And you can’t remember the color of your hair. LOL! What a nut.
    “What pees in my post-toasties of inspiration?” Oh, my, you make me laugh. I’d love to hang out with you just to learn a new language!

    • Yeah, yeah most are…after the age of ten! Hey! I remembered…it just gave me pause… We’ll be together someday, friend of mine. Again, thank you.

  2. Congrats, Congrats! Yes you are an Inspiration in everything you do and share my friend.
    I think you just killed two birds with this blog..kind of covers the Friday Facts too, seeing you ARE Alaska to all of us.
    I had to laugh..I think Zach has got you in trouble now..LOL

    As Always ~*~

    • He is such a guy. However! I really did draw a “blank” so I’ll let him get away with it!
      I dunno, I still feel bad about missing it.

  3. Amber-Lee, you rock. So does Betsy. Two of my favorite bloggers out there.

    Thanks for including me in your list of 7 bloggers. I see that I’m in a list with some great people. Thank you!

    Keep writing. Keep inspiring!

    Aaron @Biebert

  4. You are rockin’ it here and I find a passion most don’t have in your need to learn and master. Thanks for how you share that so fresh and without fear. Appreciate being mentioned here very much. Thank you, Friend. Oh, and, uhmm…you’re only 5’3″?

  5. Jayme!!
    You are the “example” I look to, Jayme. For real. And I am plenty scared…pretty much most of the time. I need to do it right, girl, I’m on a mission.
    Noooooo, I am Five feet and three AND three quarters inches tall.

  6. Aww thanks Amber for including me in your list of seven, funny enough you and Betsy inspire me as well so I guess 2013 is the year of female bloggers.

    Your son has a good point we sometimes forget that we are more than the verbs and nouns that describe us and in the eyes of a fourteen year old you kick ass at keeping things in tip top shape quite the compliment.


  7. I’m glad you came over, Gail! You really have inspired me these last few months… So much I remember, so much of our stories ran on the same trail.. Some of those trails seem to go on and on…

    Yes! I can see 2013 being our year, can’t you? :)
    Thank you, Gail, for being part of my world and allowing me into yours.
    ~Amber-lee, aka Alaska Chick

  8. Amber, thanks so much for including me in your list of 7~I’m honored!

    The word you used to describe how I inspire you: “Freedom” says it all! Letting go of what’s expected of us and doing what makes us the unique individuals that we are is what this life’s all about. And what our spirits deserve.

    It’s a pleasure to meet you~and thanks for your warm wishes on my recent move! :-)


    • Gloria!
      YOU. And the writings you have shared, are a blessing to me. Thank you for being part of my life.
      ~Amber-Le, aka Alaska Chick

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