Introducing, Women in the Outdoors

Women in the Outdoors

Women in the Outdoors2013 is now! (We survived the end of the world!! Isn’t that nice?) Alaska Chick’s Blog has a new project. Women in the outdoors, is my new passion. I have to admit, (and warn you…) that this topic, along with how professional women in outdoor focused careers, gets me pretty worked up.

From posts about professional women being seen as “B*tches” to conversations about how tough we should be, not to mention live radio interviews gone horribly wrong, Women in the Outdoors, is an explosive topic.

As my own project, Women in the Outdoors, takes another direction to the subject. “Is this for real?” Was my first reaction. After thinking about it, I began to worry. It is true that the world has changed; wild places are disappearing, the conveniences of towns and cities have been bred into our children as the gifts of nature slowly vanish from their lives as well as our own.

“What would you say, to women, who would like to spend more time, outdoors?”


(Yes, really!)Women in the Outdoors

Alright, why is this even an issue?

Women are capable, intelligent, intuitive and strong human beings. What is stopping you?

What could possibly from stopping a woman, any woman, from going into the wild places? (Because, I refuse to believe a door is stopping you!)

Seriously, now. What is stopping you?

  • Worry over trying something new?
  • Embarrassment or shyness to learn a new skill from a stranger?
  • Afraid of getting into something and ending in a situation that could be “over your head”?

Women in the Outdoors

Woman in the OutdoorsWomen in the Outdoors is my way of sharing what I have learned with you. I’ll be with you in every way that I can, right here, taking you into the wild places that are calling to your most basic need. Survival.

Each Wednesday, Women in the Outdoors will be featured on Alaska Chick’s Blog with another tip for you and to answer any specific questions that you may have. (Remember! There is no stupid question. If you want to know, we’ll find out together.)

If you have any question, any day, keep in mind that you can find me on Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ at most anytime! Don’t be shy!

(photo credit for the top picture… that is a quote that I found on Pinterest! Created by Jessica Wall and the Quote by Tom Brokaw)




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3 Responses to Introducing, Women in the Outdoors

  1. This is going to be Fun! I can’t wait to hear from and meet, here at least, more of the Gals that you know and hear what they do and think.

    You know I love the outdoors ..and my greatest fear about coming to your world? Well you already know! LOL.. I’m afraid I’d not want to leave!

    As Always ~*~

    • Where do you GET these words? Hootenanny? I was unaware that anyone actually used that word in sentences these days… Hmmm…
      I do try, I do try… wouldn’t want anyone to get too comfy… Including myself! LOL
      I am so glad you stopped in, Jayme.

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