It’s Not All An Alaska Wilderness Adventure

What would you do, if you held the key?Northern Lights

The key to another person’s hopes and dreams. The other person has given everything and more, worked hard and steady. When a person works hard, so hard towards that one thing that the life they live and put everything into day after day. Work, study, time and an incredible amount of effort into the goal, the dream, to only come up short.

Yes, there is also the time, effort, training, experience and a goodly amount of money invested in this person’s dreams too, on your side. What of your obligation? The obligation to produce savvy, experienced guides that have the answers. Guides that make the right decisions and choices when everything goes to hell in a moment. Will this person know what to do? What about humanity, compassion, feelings and caring?

After all that time and training that person deep down has to already KNOW. I know I would, we’ve all had things we worked our butts off for, wanted badly, did our very best, but fell just a bit short, and deep down we knew it. Some have a natural talent, some try so hard, however when peoples lives depend on you kicking into auto, because of experience, training and just plain having the natural talent to know when to cross that invisible line and jump into the above and beyond what you thought you could or should do, if you don’t see that in a person, especially as big game guides and wilderness adventure guides, that places not only the individual, but our guests and clients in a bad situation. There has to be complete trust, a confidence in the individual person that holds others well being in their hands.Range Horses in Chisana

Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training is the only state-approved training program offered at this time. The Alaska Big Game Guide Commercial Services Board is the governing body Pioneer Outfitters works closely with, in making certain the Assistant Guides are knowledgeable and capable when they go to the field, whether it is the first time ever, or the first time after 10 years. The guidelines are basic and straightforward, and all the information can be reviewed at;

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