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Alaska Chick, Travel DetailsFolks call up from time to time, to get directions, so that they can spend the day with us here in Chisana. Maybe to go for a couple hours on the trail, maybe just to explore a bit. In the last few years, we have received these calls more and more often.

It used to be just funny, I mean, don’t they know where we are? Now it is just sad. No, they have no idea where we are, and that is the problem.

We, here at Pioneer Outfitters, live in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. (Our Nation’s largest National Park, folks) We live at the site of the last historic gold rush. Chisana, or Shushanna as it was known (and spelled), was once the largest log cabin settlement in the state. Now? Population 12.

Alaska Chick, Travel Details, 40 Mile AirTimes change, and no matter how hard we push for change and encourage it with our improvements and inventions, humans resist change. That resistance hurt us, and it hurt us bad. The world as we knew it, faded a long while ago, and we missed it. The humans that matched folks up with us, sent us people with dreams, since the dawn of Pioneer Outfitters, faded as well.

So, here I am with a blog (holy shmokes) and a way to share our lives with folks. A way to let people all over the world know we are here, for them and you, when you are ready to get off the beaten path and have a real Adventure.

Summer AdventuresFirst things first. You have to get here, to be here. (deep, huh?)

We are in Alaska. If you are not, you’ll either fly or drive. Most of our guests and clients fly.

Those numbers split around 30%-70%. The lower percentage of folks decide to fly into Anchorage and rent a vehicle to drive to Tok. (Beautiful drive) The larger percentage of our guests and clients fly into Fairbanks. About half the distance to drive, and you’ll pass the Alaska Pipeline and be very close to it to imagine the oil it must take to fill it. (Over 15 billion barrels of oil have been pumped so far)

Traveling to Pioneer Outfitters by road.Arriving in Tok in time for the twice weekly mail plane (Tuesday and Thursday) that leaves Tok early (between 9-9:30 am) in the morning for the 55 minute flight into Chisana can save you a bunch of money from having to “charter” the exact same aircraft.

Be sure you reserve your spot on the Mail Plane! Call 40-Mile Air at 907-883-5191.


We would love to welcome you and yours to Chisana.

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