6 Lessons Learned in the Remote Alaska Wilderness

Lessons Learned~When I start questioning myself, my decisions and the paths I have chosen to follow, I remember something that my Grandpa told me when I was a little girl. “Make a list.” “Does the good outweigh the bad?” Even at the most trying times in my life, here in Chisana, the answer is always the same. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

What living in the wilderness has taught me:

  • To Survive.
  • To Have Faith.
  • The Difference Between Courage and Ignorance.
  • To Be Honest.
  • To Be Humble.
  • To Believe in Me.

As I read back through the pieces of my life and memories I’ve shared with you on this blog since February… All the memories and hind-sight-thinking that comes with looking back. I’ve noticed, I’ve come a long way.

Lessons LearnedI can and will survive. To take care of them, I have to be able to take care of me. The sun always rises. Always. There is always a new day, new hope, new blessings. I await my purpose.

Courage is knowing what it is you fear, and facing it. For as long as the fear lasts and after, facing that terrible thing each and every time. Humble is easy, there is so much to learn, about everything.

I am honest with myself. There is no one more brutal when tearing away the shields. Being honest to everyone else is just the right thing to be.

I do believe in me. Knowing that I am my own worst enemy, I am on guard. I also know each time I acknowledge something else I do not know, an ignorance, the door opens to more learning and understanding. Each time I make and acknowledge a mistake, I learn and grow.

“Don’t bet against me, I wont quit.”

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2 Responses to 6 Lessons Learned in the Remote Alaska Wilderness

  1. Hey,Amber I believe in what you are saying and totally agree we are our worst enemy unless you are too arrogant to realize
    that or your ego is too large to see it.there is
    alwaysanother day, the sun will always come up for a new beginging,there is always something to learn everyday for everyone, peopleshould take time to know who they are, be honest to themselves and others always in every situation you will feel better about yourself and live with out guilt , Im with you there is no such thing as can’t, you never quit , quiters always quit, it’s not allowed , I raised kaleb to never quit and always know there is no such thing as cant , there is always a way figure out and finsish what you start, No matter how much you dislike something or how painful it is quitting always opens a door for excuses and reasons not to do something when you start making excuses you will do it all your life.

    • Ya know Missy, it makes me feel really good inside to hear that this resonated with you. This is what I was taught and what I have also learned in the years of so-called isolation that really helps (if you let it) focus on the “inside.” Kaleb is a young man to be proud of, it is simply a straight fact. The really important thing that stands out to me, is that Kaleb is a GOOD MAN. What a gift to the world, in my opinion.

      He reminds me, so often of a quote I have always treasured… “All evil needs to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.”

      The one thing Kaleb will never do- is nothing.

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