List Four: Highlights and What To Expect of Your Adventure

WOW! The Horseback Adventures are approaching FAST! The recent Campfire Chat video, Adventure Answers You Need, has really sparked our anticipation and it amazes me how excited we all are to begin, each and every year.

This List series is all about making sure that you (anyone) can get some real information, easily, for whichever Adventure you choose. No matter what destination you end up choosing for your own Adventure, the details and your own safety are (or should be) the same.

What began as a simple way to utilize all of the posts about our own Horseback Adventures, quickly became a humongous (super-extra long!) list. The List series breaks down that long line of posts into sections that you can really use into 6 (six) lists.

What to expect

Descriptions of Adventures posts

Why Pioneer Outfitters Adventures posts

Stories from Adventures posts

Highlights (and what you might expect) of an Adventure posts

The details for Your Alaska Adventure posts

The Series posts

Today’s list, List Four: Highlights and What To Expect of Your Adventure  are just moments, like looking into a crystal ball of what you can expect of your own Adventure. They are memories, shared either by happy inspiration or in answer to a question.

Highlights and What To Expect of Your Adventure

From getting off the plane that flies you into Chisana to begin your Horseback Adventure to the funny things that happen just riding through the wilderness and the quiet and peaceful talks around the campfires at night, they are all posts that will give you insight into your own future Adventure.

List Four: Highlights and What To Expect of Your Adventure

Adventures with Grizzly Bears

Alaska Spring, the Fun Has Begun!

An Adventure is Beginning, “Riders Up!”

Hitting the Trail in Alaska

Summertime Adventure Sneak Peek

Scariest Experience Ever in Alaska Wilderness

Women in the Outdoors: Alaska Horseback Adventure

Highlights and What To Expect of Your Adventure

Pioneer Outfitters Horseback Adventures are not cookie-cutter Adventures that your guides could lead in their sleep. The photo and video memories that you go home with are not the same ones that each Adventurer has shared with friends and family. Each Adventure is a whole new and awe-inspiring ride into the amazing wilderness that surrounds Chisana.

Each new morning brings with it a brand new anticipation for what that day might bring, excitement for what yet unseen treasure might be spotted and how you will share the entire experience with those waiting for you to return home. While I can share with you here, my own experiences and moments, your own Adventure will be different in so many ways they will only have the incredible happiness and fulfillment that comes of each day riding further into the wilderness, in common.

Highlights and What To Expect of Your Adventure

What I can tell you for certain are these four things:

The amazing historic and unchanged wild area of Chisana and the team at Pioneer Outfitters will give your heart, mind and soul something (it is different for each of us) it yearns for and needs.

You matter so much. Your guide(s) will do absolutely everything in their vast and incredible power and experience to watch over you and keep you safe as you explore and discover your dream in the wilderness of Alaska.

Your horses will take you further, faster and more safely than being on foot. They allow you to view the wild that you explore from a grand vantage point and in complete animal camouflage (as only us strange scary alien critters walk on two feet!) They will help provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable camp that would be impossible to have without them. Your horse will show and teach you things about yourself that you might have never known before or without.

You are the absolute center of your guide(s) focus and world. You. Not your title or responsibilities, only your smile, your awe and your excitement and happiness matters. Your safety always comes first and your guide has so much to share with you, about the wilderness you explore.

Here are the names and links to the Summer Horseback Adventure pages we have (that you can find at the top of any page on this website):

❈ Horseback Adventures (Main Page)

❈ Horseback Fitness Adventure

❈ Chisana Gold Rush

❈ Horseback Wilderness Pack Trips

❈ Horseback Spiritual Retreats

❈ Mini Horseback Adventures

Chisana, our home and a pretty hard place to find on the map ~ Chisana is located in a fly-in area of the Wrangell Mountains, deep inside the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve. The most common questions revolve around traveling and getting to us to begin your absolutely amazing adventure. Our FAQs pages help a lot with that!

❈ Adventurers FAQs

❈ General FAQs

❈ Travel FAQs

Keep an eye out; we have two more lists that will be live very soon. If you have any questions or wonderings be sure to leave them in the comments below or through the Contact Us page and we will help in any way we can.


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