Why the Little Things Count So Much

Not very long ago I listened to a speech given for University graduates and so many of the points covered in the eloquent talk but one resonated deeply with me. It spoke of why the little things count so much.

Why the little things matter so much is a point we have come up against many times in recent years with the average age of Alaska Guide Trainees dropping to between 18-21.

Inexperienced, full of passionate energy and brand knew knowledge; a high percentage become arrogant and defensive over this often overlooked insight.

“If you can’t take care of your cabin, live like a pig and refuse to make your bed, how can you expect to be trusted to keep a safe, comfortable and clean camp for our guests?”

Why the Little Things Count So Much 

Details, giving a job, any job or project your full attention, focus and passion are the keys to creating something very special, making a break-through in new idea or simply giving others the opportunity to truly see your character. The “little things” are where you find happiness and contentment, it is where your inspiration and memories are found and they are what matter most in any life.

In the world of the Internet and Social Media, the little things like SEO, key words, manners and saying please and thank you are talked about more than anything else.

So why should the little things not matter to a professional goal that has lives depending upon that exact attention to detail? They do. To become and continue to be a Professional Guide, this is one point that always needs to be understood and believed.

We look back and speak of and write about how important the little things really are, and we believe what we are saying, but rarely do we ever see them, feel them or acknowledge them in the moment. ~Why is that? 

Acceptance of these “little things” (which are, if we are completely honest, daily blessings) can diffuse an argument, lessen worry or stress, make us happier in that precise moment (which, by the way, makes others happier… I think it’s some kind of magic..) and keeps the forward momentum going as we work.

Living and working here in Chisana for so long, with so few people, has opened my eyes to the little things. It has opened my heart to how important every moment truly is to living with all of my might.

As a Professional Guide the “little things” matter too. Not only the fact that you are responsible for the safety and well being of another human being, not only because of the you are part of some else’s dream but because people are people and sometimes being a Professional Guide isn’t all about glory and bragging rights.

Sometimes the dream doesn’t come true. Sometimes, all there is to show for a client’s long wait and journey are the little things. The little things can make all the difference. Pay close attention to the details. Nothing you do for a client or guest should ever feel or be treated as if it were beneath you, insignificant or a pain in the ass.

Little Things



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    • Betsy,
      I think we ALL need to be reminded sometimes. (seriously) But it also kept circling for me because of our Trainees too- they are young men and women, not children, but with the power and spunk to take on the world… that it comes up a lot. The little things matter. A lot. As a person and as a professional.
      Thanks for being here, Betsy, it means everything.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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