Luck or Karma? Field Lessons by Alaska Chick

Karma is good!Last year’s (2010) Fall Hunting Season had one issue and that issue sat completely on our shoulders. We had two clients waiting for us, and although there was no dishonesty or bad intent involved, we let them down.

Although we had the best intentions, we found ourselves in a situation that was completely new and had to be made right. The blessing hidden in the shame we felt was the two clients, Bob Thomas and Tim Gjovig, were good and honorable men and gentlemen.

Tim, Karma is good!They were in a position that could have caused us great harm and embarrassment, could have resulted in cranky and unhappy nastiness. Instead, they were quiet, understanding and willing to let us make it right with them. They were (and are) gentlemen ready to have a good time and willing to try again the next year.

Bob and Tim arrived in Chisana this fall together, as they did last year as strangers. No longer strangers and falling back into the joking rhythm they had developed along with their new friendship the last time they were here, it was old friends returning for another visit.

Tim, Karma is good!
Tim, Karma is good!

Bob, Karma is good!Was it luck or was it karma that blessed Bob with an Extreme Alaska Adventure to go home with as well as a spectacularly classic trophy Dall Sheep with a 38” curl? Was it luck or karma that blessed Tim with the largest Alaska-Yukon bull Moose I’ve ever guided to harvest at 70.5” and putting him well into Boon and Crocket’s record book?

Honestly, I am not sure. I know that both men treated us all, and myself directly as their guide, both times, with kindness, compassion, humor and respect. Both were a pure pleasure to have in our Lodge and in my hunting camp, both times. Both tipped well, both times and both treasured their trophies.

Bob, Karma is good!
Bob, Karma is good!

Both will, I sincerely hope, always remember their adventures and be remembered for their antics with Pioneer Outfitters and know they are always welcome with open hearts and arms anytime in the future to return as friends.

Luck, karma and blessings. I think it is all three. Positivity, goodness, honesty and hard work brings all three.

~ What do you think?

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