The Mission, The Purpose and Our Preference

Who and what we are link the mission, the purpose and our preference solidly to Pioneer Outfitters. That doesn’t mean it (life) is always rainbows and unicorns around here. Sometimes it feels more like a pissed-off Momma Grizzly Bear and a terrible mountain storm all rolled into one.

The Mission

We were talking one recent snowy morning out in the wilderness, waiting for the horses to be brought in so that we could go hunting, and I realized that Pioneer Outfitters Mission Statement would have to be reviewed, rethought and reworded. “A Mission Statement should be easily remembered and can never be over-shared.” ~ I knew we had one, but was completely unable to quote it and immediately understood that this was not acceptable.

The Mission Statement that we operate by is straightforward and at the root of all that has helped us grow, the actions we take and all we hope to be.

The Mission

Discussing the idea and differences of and in Purpose verses Preference set my mind to spin. The Purpose is simply put, that which we need to believe in, carry out in each action and plan according to the Mission Statement. The Preference is personal. To each individual, our Preference is a very personal want, inclination or desire. For example, I may prefer to do this thing, but if it does not support our (Pioneer Outfitters) Purpose and in turn, our Mission Statement, it cannot be.

The Mission, The Purpose and Our Preference

The Mission

The Mission is clear and our Purpose is simple in addition to also being our Preference. This, to me, is what loyalty and dedication is. My own preferences directly benefiting and supporting our purpose, in all that I do. But is it really too much to ask of each person connected to Pioneer Outfitters, to feel the same and act accordingly? Some believe that it is too much to ask. I do not believe so, and in fact we do not ask, we demand this. I believe, as do many others, that a Professional Guide needs to have and be that something extra. Someone that can carry the responsibility of other people’s dreams and even their lives on strong shoulders with a clear and focused mind.

Pioneer Outfitters Mission Statement:

To Walk the Talk, every day in every way. To provide the ultimate wilderness experience, safely and ethically to each guest and client of Pioneer Outfitters.

Pioneer Outfitters Purpose:

Pioneer Outfitters purpose is to make a living as we live our lives. To provide the world with knowledgeable, experienced and ethical guides, worthy caretakers of the lands and animals of Alaska and good companions to those people who come to Chisana with a dream.

Pioneer Outfitters Preference:

Our Preference, here at Pioneer Outfitters is to have sunny days, plentiful game and happy clients and guests. We will continue, as we have always done, to do everything in our power to facilitate these preferences.

It feels pretty good to think about The Mission, The Purpose and Our Preference after the last few months that we have endured. Digging them out of the depths of my MAC here, reading them, discussing them and thinking about each and what they mean to us here at Pioneer Outfitters and what we all hope they mean to the world looking at  them and us. They each feel like an affirmation, to be repeated and to gain some much needed strength from.

The Mission

Do you have a Mission, a Purpose or Preference that you live your life by? Do they give you strength, when you see, read or think of them? I would think they would have to… If you have a Mission Statement, can you state it when asked? (I can, now!) Do you often repeat it for others benefit? (I am going to start!)


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2 Responses to The Mission, The Purpose and Our Preference

  1. I think that it has to come straight from a knowing heart. That takes some quiet reflecting. I know tat I could put it all into words if I tried. I’m getting closer…I can see it, but words right now feel limiting.
    Excellent post, Amber-Lee.

    • That is perfectly said, Betsy. And true.
      “it has to come straight from a knowing heart.”
      ~ And you are right- it isn’t just that easy to say it simply, all that your heart knows to be true.
      Thank you.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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