Monday Motivation: Alaska Courage and Callings

Monday’s Motivation this week is Alaska Courage and Callings.

Good morning!

I have been thinking a lot lately about courage and callings. The courage it takes to Stay the Path and the courage it takes to follow one’s calling when it seems the whole world conspires and stands against you, can weaken your resolve at times.

I am offering you my own Alaska Courage, to go along with my own unique calling.

Monday Motivation: Alaska Courage and Callings

Courage. Fortitude. Resolution. Tenacity.

They all qualify.

Courage is to face something that frightens you.

Fortitude is a firmness or strength of mind.

Resolution also implies firmness of mind, rather than fearlessness with it’s emphasis on determination.

And tenacity goes beyond resolution, adding stubborn persistence.

You have found your path, heard your calling. And yet… it isn’t easy (not that you expected it to be) and sometimes lately, it seems like all you are working for is becoming an issue for others.

Even when nothing is obviously said to hurt or discourage, you can feel the disinterest and the “put-upon” waves bombarding your senses.

You know your Path is the right one.

Maybe it isn’t going to lead directly to your goal or dream, with no detours, but it is the right Path.

Alaska Courage and Callings

Consider this: This lack of support, encouragement, possibly even obstacles, are really only there to test your determination to follow this Path.

Monday Motivation: Alaska Courage and Callings
When you figure out, finally open yourself enough to feel it, your calling is unmistakeable.

It is uniquely your own. It touches your innermost self, releasing a sense of personal happiness and satisfaction.

A peace, knowing this is what and where you and your own traits and talents will shine.

It is the knowledge that we are all in this life together and your unique calling is needed for the whole to be complete.

My own calling has certainly hasn’t laid an easy path for me, either.

As a Professional Alaska Guide, I am constantly reminded that it is (and why) a typically male profession.

I first had to come to terms with the results of my own choices, moving to Alaska, away from my entire family on the East Coast.

Following something inside me that began to grow the first time I imagined myself in Alaska, bloomed, full and bright as I stepped outside the Anchorage Airport that first time.

It spread like a Fireweed field, during a long and hot summer, when I woke that first morning in Chisana.

I knew I had come home.

I knew my calling.

My Mom has always called the certainty she witnessed in me heading into something, somewhere completely unknown, my Alaska courage.

This is what I share with you, today. My own Alaska courage. Take it, and follow your Path.

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Wow! I’m motivated again, just writing this for you!

Knowing that I have Monday Motivation to write, helps keep me focused on what matters, instead of allowing myself to fall prey to the hassles and distractions of life, throughout the week, I sincerely hope it will do the same for you.

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4 Responses to Monday Motivation: Alaska Courage and Callings

  1. “This is what I share with you, today. My own Alaska courage. Take it, and follow your Path.”
    This is what you do so incredibly well! You share and encourage the rest of us to find that path and follow it. Then you go farther and help us to “Stay the Path”
    I am always inspired to follow my dreams after one of your pep talks, no matter how discouraging it looks to make it happen.

    As Always ~*~

    • Thank you Ann.
      I think that we, any of us, maybe all of us, just get tired at times too. Tired, physically, mentally, emotionally… that is when those little darts of struggle, negative feelings, a possible lack of support…hurt us the most, that is when we loose our Path.
      You, Ann, help me stay my own.

  2. What is the underlying message here? Are you feeling a little left behind or unnoticed? There’s some of that everywhere right now.

    The ‘sphere has changed; people don’t have the time any longer to sit around in comments to commune. We get in, state our business and leave.

    That’s not to say peeps don’t notice you; far from it. You’re an inspiration with your stories and your successes you so readily share and people need your infusion of creativity and freshness.

    My comments have dwindled to next to nothing. I’m bothered, but I’m also writing for a purpose now. More on that later.

    And, since I have your attention, will you write something for The Happy Friday Series? I know you’re happy doing what you do. Show my community, wouldja? Would be honored to have you.

    • Jayme!
      My first thought to respond was “No!”… but I suppose, maybe a little. I know that the website has made a huge difference in our lives, and I think that Alaska Chick’s Blog, being part of that website, has of course contributed to that… But I suppose, maybe a little. But that feeling mostly comes from the response I got earlier in the month when I had been speaking about a post I was writing and discussing when someone said to me, “What’s a post?”

      Well, there ya have it.

      You are moving and focused enough to leave a flash of light trailing behind you, Jayme! I can feel the focus through the cyber-net that has captured us all in it’s web.

      Bla! Grr…. You KNOW I detest Fridays! LOL…. lemme think on it….

      Stay the Path, girl-friend….

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