Monday Motivation, Be Accountable

As I was reading recently, a line stayed with me and it struck me that talking about it and sharing it with you would make for a fine addition to our Monday Motivation series.

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” Molière

Accountable (adjective): subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable.

Be Accountable

Be accountable. This is what we strive to set an example of to our Alaska Guides and Alaska Guide Trainees. This is what I work so hard at everyday to show by my own actions to my children. This is the message I receive from my daily Bible study. Be accountable.

As guides, as leaders, as parents and as adults we all want the comfort and security of our supportive families and communities as we go about our daily lives. There is a measure of that we are granted out of love or position but what about the rest? There is only one path that provides what we are looking for and that is accountability.

As professional guides it is in our knowledge, fitness, experience and success that provides the security of our positions. As leaders our willingness to accept the responsibility for the outcomes of our actions and the actions of our teams defines us. As parents it is our love that drives and directs us to guide our children as they grow strong so that they never fail to rise if they fall and so that they always understand that the only failure is in not trying. As adults we fully grasp that accepting responsibility for our lives and the world around us is a conscious decision not to be a victim battered by life itself.

To be accountable we accept that our decisions, our actions and our words matter and have impact on the world around us. That moment to moment, hours to days to weeks, months and year to year we influence each other and the planet we live on. We understand that life doesn’t just happen to us; it is shaped by us all every day.

Be Accountable

Some folks believe that responsibility is a separate characteristic from accountability. I do not. Not only are the two words synonyms, but also for me, there cannot be one without the other. Accountability comes from the responsibilities we accept.

For myself, accountability is seeing the whole picture. It is opening oneself to opposing ideas and focusing on truly understanding it, exploring it and using the knowledge to refine or even completely change the original plan.

Accountability is for me, the heaviest burden of leadership. It is the honest assessment of what is working, what can be improved and what doesn’t work. It is going even further than that as well; accountability also knows how to fix what went wrong, as things do.

Finally remember, accountability is something that can be learned and practiced. And like anything, it can be hard sometimes. You are not alone. It is hard for everyone, at some point, sometimes.

Please enjoy the quotes I found to share with you below and keep in mind that our Motivation, Inspiration and Butt Kicking page might have just what you need, when you need it!

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5 Responses to Monday Motivation, Be Accountable

  1. This is definitely something I struggle with all the time. If I make a promise to someone else, I keep it, practically at all costs. But making a commitment to myself and keeping a promise, not so much. Why is that? I need to get a lot better at accountability.

    • I think we all struggle with this when it concerns ourselves and not others, Jane. I believe it is human nature to put ourselves last, especially when we make commitments to others. Maybe this is why “fellowship” works so well. Holding each other accountable.
      :) Amber-Lee

  2. So glad the Monday Motivation is back!! I love them and what you give me to think about for the week.. :)

    ~*~ As Always

    • It has been on my mind, but I was floundering for direction! I have others already begun, so we are rocking again!
      ~You inspire me so much. I hope you know that one detail, Ann.
      ~ Amber-Lee

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