My Identity Crisis, A Journey

It was a journey, more than the miles to come to Alaska, even more than the miles to come to Chisana that My Identity Crisis is all about. The journey discovering and becoming all I had finally become; the journey that I know now, will never really end.

My Identity Crisis is a book I have been putting together for a while now. My Mother first made the vague thought of  “maybe, someday…” into something real, something to work towards.

My Identity Crisis

My Identity Crisis is a mix of memories, inspiration and thoughts. It is the summation of me, trying with all my heart to be who I was meant to be and still today, all I can be. It is me, finally beginning to become more.  A book that combines Alaska Chick’s blog with the growth and lessons learned in the Alaska wilderness and the struggle to be more and better in all the different roles one person has.

It is me, as Mommy, as the lead guide and trainer, as the manager and the webmaster of Pioneer Outfitters. All my passions, worries, strengths and weaknesses; the struggle to Stay the Path and to be more.

It is about all I love and all I hope to accomplish. It is about all the different roles I have taken for myself and how I have learned to be all those different roles to all the different people that mean so much to my life and to me.

So. At over 400 pages, it is done. My book. My Identity Crisis. There are a lot of pictures, but not nearly the amount some of you may have wished for or thought that I would use. It wasn’t easy choosing the right pictures, to give you a look of My Identity Crisis, from more than a quarter million photos on my handy lil’ laptop.

It isn’t, as some of you might suspect, a book of hunting. Although there are some lessons and stories I shared that are of different hunt, hunters and hunting guides. Nor is it, a book of horses, although I have learned and shared so much from them and with them.

What came to me, as I have worked, written, printed, glued and pondered over, was that each role I play is always me. The voice is mine. Each different role that I was putting together to give you an insight to the crisis I found myself in the middle of, the one constant was my own insight and growth. This is who I am and it really is, so much more than I dreamed.

The scary circling question is now, does writing something, binding it into a book, make me a writer? (Ok, ok, call me a coward.) Does writing a book, make me an author? Oh Lordy.

It turned into something a whole lot bigger than I dreamed… but I keep saying that! (About many different surprises in my life.) It isn’t that my dreams are small, they are not! But the blessings…. The blessings rain down on me… So!

The book is a gorgeous “coffee table” sized book. It is also available as an e-book and I hope and dream also, of it putting a smile on your face, a new dream in your own heart and maybe, just maybe, it will help someone out there, in the big-big world, that we are in this thing called life together. You are not alone.

If you are interested in this book, My Identity Crisis or my next book, Revelations, you can find and purchase both as well as so much other merchandise from Pioneer Outfitters and Stand for the Man in Black on the Shushanna General Store page, right here on this website!


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5 Responses to My Identity Crisis, A Journey

  1. Oh my heavens… It is scary! It wasn’t scary writing it, I wasn’t the least bit worried during the never ending editing, I almost through my laptop across the room throughout 3 DAYS of spell-check…did you know most of the words I use aren’t even real words?? Sigh… back to fussing…

  2. I am impressed to no end.
    Admire what you represent and do.
    A fully realized human being, closer to the truth of living in this world than most will ever get as they sip their latte from their four wheel drive that doesn’t ever touch mud.

    • Billy!
      Merry Christmas and Happy Ho-ho & Safe Adventures to you and yours!
      It means so much to me that you would say that.

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