(NEW!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, On the Trail

Hello the fire!! Welcome, welcome, come on over and warm up by my fire! Pour yourself some coffee and lets chat awhile. Tonight’s Chat answers a question left by #bealeader Founder and CEO, Jen Onley.

Jen had asked me a few questions when we first became friends and I have answered a couple of them (Winter Comfort) but not tonight’s question. Jen asked, “What’s it like, to be on the trail?” It is a great question for me, because it instantly brings to mind exactly what I hope to put into words for you tonight at my fire.

Let’s Chat, shall we?

Being out on the trail… it is an amazing adventure. Every day, every bend in the trail, every direction we choose to go, there waits something different, something wonderful.

If you can imagine being at peace and energized at the same time- that is how being on the trail feels to me. The air, the mountains, the rocks, the glaciers, the trees and all the wild critters that we encounter here in the wilderness, this is all out on the trail.

We are working on making the lighting better, so please bare with us just a little longer and you wont be disappointed! LOL, AND Remember to leave YOUR question!! I would love to chat with YOU around the fire.

If you missed it, we did create a brand new page for all these great chats around the fire with you! Be sure to check it out. Campfire Chat Videos!


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8 Responses to (NEW!) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, On the Trail

    • I grew up in NY State, Jen. Inside the snow-belt in Chautauqua county. -48 below is WAAAYYYY better than the wind chill back East- really! LOL, it is the kind of thing one MUST experience! (as I am sitting here LMAO, KNOWING how that sounds!!)
      Thank you for a great question, Jen.

    • I am really starting to enjoy these ~ it is always really HARD at the start, but we get a rhythm going and then it’s all about just having a chat! Thank you for being here, Missy! YOU are always welcome at my fire!

  1. What great pictures. I saw some trees with crazy, gigantic bumps… Dr Seuss trees!

    “Gone” said with a knowing laugh afterward..that was priceless! I get it. It’s hard to get that anywhere but the wilderness.

    Hey, maybe there’ll be a huge earthquake that’ll pop Ann up into the while the East coast and Alaska collide!

    Every time I watch these I get a better sense of where you live. Thanks so much.

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