(New Video) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Bathing Your Bits

Hey, welcome back to the fire! Tonight’s Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick is what could be called a pet-peeve of my own. Pioneer Outfitters and Alaska Chick’s own Social Media Trainer and web designer, Ameena Falchetto asked a question recently about bathing.

Yes, bathing! Ameena asked how we go about bathing here in Chisana as well as when we are out in the wilderness for days on end, as we do on our Horseback Adventures.

We also added a little bit extra to this new Campfire Chat, at the beginning, to give you a little more of the “Behind the Scenes” in this new video-making experience. Tonight around the fire we will talk about bathing your bits and pieces. Be sure to bring your sense of humor and please, enjoy!

It really is quite simple! LOL Get water, add heat (or not), add soap and scrub vigorously.  Rinse and REPEAT.

BOYS! An IMPORTANT FACT: If your towel comes away dirty, when you are drying off…. It means you are NOT clean. (Yes, really.) Do-over. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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10 Responses to (New Video) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Bathing Your Bits

    • YOU!!
      LOL, you know YOU of ALL people (okok, who have NEVER actually – physically- been here in Chisana!!), but still, YOU of all people should know EVERYTHING about us by now! LOL, I can’t wait for you to be here!
      I am so happy you enjoyed this one, Ameena!
      ~ Amber-Lee

  1. That was Awesome..lol..you thought this camper who camped with horses in horseman’s primitive campgrounds asked the question? BaaWaaHahaah..all I did was send you the wash the beaver photo. *Snort
    Loving all the Hats too and the “extra”!

    As Always ~*~

  2. OK, now that I’m an orange belt in taekwando (just graduated last night), I think I’m ready to come up there and sit by the campfire with you.

    I’m so impressed with your video production! Wow. Maybe I should hire your ass, but only if it’s clean. Heh.

    I got a gift for you today at my house! C’mon!

    • Oh haha, Jayme!! Yeah, it’s been a curse. Terry says it is my Navy past… I just look at him and shake my head (4 yrs -vs- 22 years!!).
      Hey, thank you!! They say I sound easier, but I’m not diggin the video thing as much as it isn’t that different writing out what I am thinking and just talking. The guys always say that I write just like I speak!
      Oh, you bring your dangerous-weapon-bum up here, you can keep me safe! LOL
      Thanks, Jayme, for being here, for all you are, for all you do.

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