(New Video) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Winter Horses

During this week’s Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, we are going to Chat about a question from Michael Arnold from Pioneer Outfitters Face Book page. Now, Michael’s questions are numerous, so we are focusing on one topic at a time. We are going to talk about Winter horses and how they survive during the Winter months by foraging for wild grasses.

Winter Horses

Winter Horses

At least half of all the questions that we have received, so far, from you all have been regarding our horses and how we care for them during the Winter months. So I am going to focus on that tonight.


More about Pioneer Outfitters’ range horses can be found out on the posts below.

And of course, the 2013 International Horseback Adventure is all about the trip to bring the last group of horses into Chisana.

Also, the range horses that are our trusted partners in almost all of our Adventures and Big Game Hunts all come to Chisana the same way ~ an 85-mile cross country journey starting in the Yukon traveling across some of the most dangerous and beautiful land in the North.

You can find out lots more about this epic and historical journey by reading about our latest International Horseback Adventure.

Remember, the questions come from YOU! So, if you wonder and or would really like to talk about something in particular, don’t be shy! Just leave your question in the comments below or anyplace else we are connected and we will answer YOUR question next!


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9 Responses to (New Video) Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Winter Horses

  1. I’ve been waiting all day..lol. I totally love these. The crackling fire and the music and photos added that show what your saying. Awesome Job..all of you! Sound was much! better this week too. I’m still waiting to hear those bells ring again. :)
    But it IS nice to hear your voice too..seeing you don’t..Huh..answer your phone! Snicker..
    Ok..you’ve got a hit here! :)

    • Oh, you have NO idea! LOL, Kaleb and I have been working NON-STOP!! Trying to find, learn and use a good editing program! Ha! We are already working on next week’s so stay tuned!
      Nope, don’t call me! Email is my friend, LOL
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. nice work , It is coming along very nicely , I know you are still working out the bugs , heres a suggetion try to get kaleb to fade the music in and out so it doesnt stop/ cut off abruptly, you guys have probably already realized that and are working on it . But I like it !

    • Ha! Missy…Yes, we know that the transitions were a little rough. It was a rough week!
      We working out all the kinks and KiKi is using my other MAC now (I told him to get a REAL computer!) Ha! Then, at least, we’ll be speaking the same “language”!
      Thanks for being here, Missy.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  3. (smiling very wide!)
    This question reminded me of when I was a young girl and would wake up in the morning and care for my horse before school on cold winter mornings. I had no one to tell me how to take care of her, by the way, LOL! so I have an excuse for my ignorance!
    Anyways, I’d feel so sorry for her in the snowy, icy wind. So, I steamed carrots, apples, and potatoes for her. I’d carry a big pot of them out to her and she’d sniff at the concoction and walk away! I guess they don’t like a warm breakfast to get them going in the morning?
    You know, I’m very visual, and just the images along with your voice are making these lessons stick with me. I really appreciate that. I love learning new things like this!
    Thanks, Amber-Lee. It was perfect!

    • You quite simply, Betsy, bring joy to my life (and silly giggles).
      You STILL haven’t left me a question for the next Chat!
      I am glad these chats tell you things that are interesting, and I want to share what we are and how we do things with folks that may wonder.
      You be sure to let me know if there is anything you’ve wondered about in our conversations or things you have read here!
      ~ Amber-Lee

      • Okay, I have a practical question, actually 2:
        1. What kind of preparations do you guys make to be ready for the winter (I mean for the humans, too – food, fuel, warmth).
        2. What would happen or how long would you last if your connection to supplies that you get from outside Chisana, was cut off?
        Morbid. Huh? LOL!

        • Cool! LOL
          Your first question has been submitted and the answer is coming… next week or the week after, if I am not mistaken! LOL
          Your second question will make for a VERY COOL chat around the fire! OOO~ I am looking forward to this one!
          Thank you Betsy!
          ~ Amber-Lee

  4. Costen talks about the horses all the time and the natural way they are kept. He mentioned how bears would pop up while he was riding and the horses would just handle the situation. Amazing animals! Chisana had a profound impact on him and he misses the wild life he was surrounded by. The chats are a great idea.

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