The Outfitter, Website and Blog

Take a well known and respected, old time Alaska Outfitter throw in a website, add a blog for good measure and do you know what you get? Yep, you got it. A nightmare. Between the experienced Outfitter, website and blog one may think that it would be simple matter to just explain how it all works, how important it is and that would be all there is to it.

Well. You would be mistaken. Seriously mistaken.

Most likely it would take a better person than I can ever hope to be to forget a conversation about the blog post I was trying to write for our 3rd Anniversary online when this particular Outfitter said to me “What’s a blog?”  After over three years and almost 400 blog posts with at least one each month from the Boss himself, he asks me “What’s a blog?

Website and Blog

Another stumbling block we keep tripping over is the fact that this old time Alaska Guide and Outfitter is used to some pretty hands-on, shove it around, twist it and being a fix what’s broken type of guy. Technology seems to offend him on a level I have thus far, been unable to reach.

In the spirit of full-disclosure I am forced to admit that I get pretty impatient with his seemingly unnatural and uncalled for mental block towards anything to do even remotely with a computer! (Sigh.) He does like to share his stories and history, thank goodness, and that itself tends to calm me right back down.

There is nothing like listening or reading one of the stories he shares with us all for making you really see and feel how it must have all been before there was anything at all here, except for the creativity and a survival instinct to not only keep things moving but moving forward and growing.

On April 23rd, 2014, my 22nd Anniversary here with Pioneer Outfitters and at the right hand of Master Guide Terry Overly and as familiar, comfortable and easy as I am with this “Living Legend” as my very young son called him once, I am never unaware or blasé of how blessed I truly am at being a part of this life.

I find myself at times, musing the funny twists and turns of fate that brought this simple farm girl all the way from New York to be a part of a world that really has little room for women and little use for the same, outside of the kitchen.

The Outfitter, Website and Blog

On April 23rd I will share with you the most important step I have yet to take with all the meaning and strength of Be Fearless behind it and myself. It will be shared across the website and blog, across all of our Social Media accounts and as far as I can reach with the help and support of all those I can reach and touch with the message that needs to be shared.

There is so much happening! Some like the Fearless Filmmakers Class that will be spending time with us in the up coming summer and the new Fitness Adventure are huge and important steps for our Team here at Pioneer Outfitters. Steps that we believe are being taken in the direction we hope to lead others in; a direction that passes on what we’ve learned to help others grow in the directions they aim for too.

Some of what 2014 have brought already to us that is continuing to unfold and develop; I blush to say that I cannot share with you yet.  (But I will! At the very FIRST opportunity!) I can share this: It is big! Really, really big, folks. Stay tuned. (seriously)

So, stay safe in whatever you are up to in the coming week and know that you are not alone.

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9 Responses to The Outfitter, Website and Blog

  1. Oh Jeez..I wish I could have seen your face when he said “What’s a Blog” LOL Maybe someday..Duct Tape and a sturdy chair..we can corral him to a…be fun trying!

    I’m soo looking forward to ALL the new developments..can’t wait to hear the updates! ;)

    and..neither are you alone!

    As Always ~*~

    • Grrr….
      And! I will NEVER let him forget it! LOL
      Oh Lordy. I am sure glad someone gets to be excited! Ha! ~I am just busting butt trying to be triple sure that everything is in place! I want each different development to be a winner. For us and the folks who will take part in them.
      ~ Amber_lee

      • LOL..I have NO doubt they will all be winners…You’ve worked your butt off and it shows..(in your work snicker..not your butt..hehehe) Sorry..*Snort..well no I’m not! LOL..Love you bunches!

  2. I look forward to the announcement, and I can’t believe you’re old enough to have been there for 22 years:) You live a wonderful, adventurous life my friend, and combined with all you do online, I don’t know how you manage it all.

    I’ve been on and off the online world for a while now: lots of reasons, lots of things I’m working through. And although I don’t always/often comment, know that I’m lurking about, and wishing you well…always. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Kaarina!
      Oh, pal of mine ~ I DO know you are there. It is one of the strengths I have in reserve always, in the back of my mind, ever present. I hope you know the same of me.
      Oh bla! I feel older by the minute somedays and don’t feel any older than my newest trainee on others. All I do know and feel for sure everyday is that I would not trade one minute, one experience for a whole new lifetime. I am so blessed. And now, after so long, there isn’t one blessing I cannot see clearly.
      As I am too loud to lurk, I’ll just say, Later and always!
      ~ Amber-Lee

    • Betsy.
      You humble me, completely, with your belief in me. ~> I read your comment and simply have to shake my head.
      I swear to God, Himself, that I have shared nothing but facts and truth, to the point of laying my own (LOL, AND everyone else’s too!) shortcomings out for the whole world to see. And yet, you seem to see something I very much fear all the time, is not there. (sigh) I am exhausted. I feel as if I will never learn enough to make a big enough difference, no matter how hard I will continue to try.
      Determined, however, I am. I was given a grand gift (life!) and I have no intention of wasting one moment of it. I will not quit and I will not back off. I KNOW what is here- for everyone. I KNOW what amazing wonders and power the Internet has for helping us all come together and really making a difference in ALL of our lives.
      Remember, YOU (and so many others) are what gives ME the guts to do what I do. Every bit of it.
      So, thank you.

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