Summer Pack Trips and Adventures

The Summer Pack Trips and Adventures reservations in Alaska with Pioneer Outfitters fill quickly, don’t be left out!

The holidays are always it seems, just around the corner and another year goes by in such a hurry.

Children are growing too fast, people everywhere are worried about their lives and work.

We, here at Pioneer Outfitters share these worries and more with people all over this great world.

One thing remains the same and untouched.

Summer Horseback Pack Trips and Adventures with Pioneer Outfitters have been a one of a kind, incredible horseback adventures since 1924.

Summer Pack Trips and Adventures

Fly into the Interior Alaska Mountains and enjoy the inspiring and endless wilderness the way Alaska was meant to be seen, by horseback.

Individuals, families and groups are all welcome to join us, as we explore and travel across the rivers and tundra or climb the rugged mountains and glaciers.

Pan for gold in the same spot as the prospectors did during the last historic gold rush.

Spot, stalk and photograph the amazing the Grizzly Bears, Alaska-Yukon Moose, the only true, non-migrating, Mountain Caribou, the magnificent Dall Sheep as well as and in addition to so much other wildlife.

Enjoy visiting and watching the incredible migratory birds that might only ever be seen here, and so very much more.

The sunlight of Summertime in Alaska will refresh you in ways you can only imagine. The early morning and evening light shines and illuminates the world in ways that will tempt the most hesitant photographers!

With experienced horseback and wilderness guides at your side, safely experience The Last Frontier as it was meant to be experienced!

Our guides are trained and selected from the very best men and women that Pioneer Outfitters Survival and Guide Training produces, to ensure you and yours are always safe and as free to explore and experience all the Alaska wilderness has to offer you.

We hope you will be part of the coming year’s memories to be made.

We have met so many remarkable individuals through this new website, blog as well as on Face Book, LinkedIn and on Twitter during these last years.

Each guest or client that comes to Chisana is treated as a friend and part of the family.

Each one has brought a piece of themselves into our lives and have had a part in making us want to be even better and to do even more for the world that has gotten even bigger and more reachable as technology keeps pushing on.

There is so much to share with you in Chisana and in the great wilderness that we live, work and play in.

I have found over the years I have spent in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters, as magnificent the world is here, as special and exciting, nothing compares or makes it come alive to me as much as sharing it with someone that hasn’t seen it …yet.

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