Politically Correct Frostbite, Fur and Fun

Winter Predator Hunts & Excursions~I was recently “informed” that our Winter Wolf Hunts now will have a new and improved (?) politically correct title! (gimme a break…please…) Sounds a whole lot like we should rename it Frostbite, Fur and Fun to me!

Pioneer Outfitters Winter Predator Hunts

(Hmm.) Reminds me of the very first time, years ago, I met a honest- to- goodness- no- shit- Poise- Sniffer, in real life! (but I digress….)

Now that my manic, crazy gift wrapping obsession and mandatory diabetic sugar over dosing habits have past me, leaving me officially a year older, it is time to get BUSY!!

Winter Predator Hunts & ExcursionsWhile off-trail riding in our (and yours) magnificent Wrangell St.- Elias National Park and Preserve, which is ABSOLUTELY unsurpassed in it’s untouched beauty, it strikes me again, THIS is an experience of a lifetime.

Not to mention a hell-’ev-a way to get well developed arms and shoulders from breaking out all those “off-trail” trails and more frostbite on my nose and cheeks from setting traps and snare sets!

The trap lines are out, snare sets are being placed, the son-gos are ready and fuel and groceries have been flown in and are still coming! Let’s get busy having some fun!

Frostbite, Fur and Fun

Winter Predator Hunts & ExcursionsThese adventures are based out of the Lodge, here at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana. That, alone guarantees warm and welcoming, the home cooked meals will keep you fueled and filled and the best part of all is the history.

The history of the area and the history of the family. The stories shared and memorabilia and antiques that make that history, tangible.

In addition to the elusive Timber Wolf, there are here in our area, Lynx, Wolverine, Coyote, Beaver, three color phases of fox (Cross, Silver and Blue), Red Fox, otter, mink and martin. All are here to be seen, observed, photographed as well as trapped or hunted.

The many hours you spend riding the extensive trap lines and just  out cutting trails of your own will give you the experience and the very personal insight to the wilds of Interior Alaska.

The opportunity to encounter all species of our Alaska fur animals, small game (and some, not-so-small!) and birds make for a lifetime of memories.

Let the fun begin!! Book YOUR Winter Predator Hunt, now!

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