Pioneers of A New Frontier

That’s how I feel! I feel as if we are pioneers of a new frontier. Well, that’s ok and a familiar feeling and place for us. Pioneer Outfitters has made its home deep inside the last frontier since 1924.

Starting with word-of-mouth advertising, traveling cross country, meeting with groups of interested parties who were gathered together for these personal visits by past clients, Adventure Consultants, magazine articles, Big Game Hunting Consultants, TV shows, movies, world-wide Sport Shows; we’ve done and experienced it all.

Pioneer Outfitters was introduced to Social Media in January of 2011. A foreign frontier to someone (anyone) who wasn’t even handy with email! As a Professional Guide, I understood that this was a new and immense wilderness to explore.

New Frontier

The blank, lost and slightly shocked look on my face came when I was asked by a mentor the first time, “Who are your potential clients?” After being asked this question, six or seven times, the shocked look faded and was replaced by my “neutral” face.

New frontier, indeed. For both ourselves and all of the mentors and teachers we have been blessed to find to guide us in the ways of Social Media and websites. Very few other Outfitters of similar aspects to Pioneer Outfitters had embraced the Internet and even fewer had adventured into the world of Social Media. My answer to the question, “Who are your potential clients?” made no sense in the rulebook of marketing.


They, our potential clients, are you! Or you. Or you. They are human. (err… or at least most appear to be human) They crave what this untouched, unchanged wilderness holds close and what it can give them (or you), in one way or another, all of them.

Pioneers of A New Frontier

So, here we are almost three years later and that new frontier is even more important now. We are, along with many others, embracing the technology and ability to share our own beautiful blessings and understandings with the world.

“This nation was built by men who took risks – pioneers who were not afraid of the wilderness, business men who were not afraid of failure, scientists who were not afraid of the truth, thinkers who were not afraid of progress, dreamers who were not afraid of action.”  ~Brooks Atkinson

As pioneers of a new frontier, we are vigilant of dangers and taking note of all kinds of new landmarks. The biggest danger in this new frontier is the slippery-sneaky-slimy-snake-oil-salesman.  The one that can lead you into dangerous places and have no idea or the skills to get you back out.

No, I am not talking about the bogs or mountain storms. I am talking about the fact that the entire world has access to all you say and do (online). Are your words and actions leading people (safely) to their dreams? Or are they leading them who trust you into danger? Are you walking the walk?

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