Producing The Natural Physical Process of Guiding Leadership

So what makes us each who we are?

We have bodies, souls, spirits and hearts.

When you add into the mix our emotions, experiences and desires, you have a person.

It could be you, him, her or me.

The natural physical process” suits a Professional Guide to perfection, as we are all called to the wilderness in our own way, place and time in the world.

But how do we as one of Alaska’s only Guide Training programs, produce and draw out this natural physical process of Guiding Leadership in others?

Guiding Leadership

Guiding Leadership

Guiding Leadership

Recognizing this call may not be as easy for some people as it is for others so I thought I would try to help by describing the chemistry that which can be found inside each one of us.

Chemistry, as we are taught to know, is a science that explains what makes up matter, understanding the individual parts, how they relate and combine, changing the original to make something different.

“The natural physical process” is the definition of alchemy dating back between 1605-1646 and was the forerunner of the word “chemistry” which was not named as a study until 1788.

What is forgotten, however, or simply not considered is that unless you consider yourself intimately and without any bias or shame, first; you will miss out on becoming more than simply average when you could be great.

Guiding Leadership

It is important to remember that we each have both the positive and negative ingredients inside us.

What we all also have inside us, is the capacity to think, feel, learn and remember.

No one person is all good, good at everything and never makes a misstep or has a bad day.

The chemistry or that natural physical process of a Professional Guide and the Guiding Leadership that we work to pass on, is that and those parts of the whole that are strengthened.

Those parts that we understand, either instinctively or by desire and study.

These are the pieces that when broken down into what characteristics combine to shape and form that greatness.

They lay within each of us. The more we examine them and ourselves for them, the stronger they become.

In that becoming aware and studying them and oneself, strengthening each and by removing impurities (weaknesses) we can produce greatness, beginning with ourselves.

Producing The Natural Physical Process of Guiding Leadership

Honesty ~ Honesty, unbiased, factual, kind truth is the absolute crystal clear water of life.

Only with pure truth can we ever be completely satisfied and content.

It is the source of trust and trust is the number one point for greatness.

Ability to delegate ~ We, as humans, were never designed or created to be alone.

We know, as a truth that there are people that can do the things that need to be done as well, if not better than we ourselves.

There is a power in more than one mind and many hands make short work.

Courage ~ We must have courage, to make hard decisions, to stay the path when it becomes long or tricky.

We must have the courage to look closely at what is; to listen intently and with compassion; to dare to dream.

 To have a vision bigger than self ~ The position each of us holds in life is one of great potential.

To pull together other people, to strengthen and empower those people and together, reaching something greater and better than what exists at the present.

Any of us, focused on self and selfish desires will not reach that greatness.

Empowering ~ The greatest gift to oneself, the team and even the entire world is to empower others.

By helping others find their potential inside, by helping others find the right path to further their own strength and expertise; we all become stronger and better for it.

Being able to communicate ~ We were all given a wonderful ability to communicate with others.

To pass along an idea and put it into words so that others can visualize the goal, the end result or the issue to be dealt with.

We understand that communication goes both ways and only by communicating can ideas grow into reality.

Kind and engaged with others ~ Kindness and being engaged with those around us allows us to be the kind of Professional Guide that others would follow anywhere.

This comes from one who knows your name, what you care about and what is happening around and under the surface.

A sense of humor ~ A sense of humor tends to lighten any load or worry.

A Professional Guide with a sense of humor, especially one that can and will laugh at even themselves is a great one.

Ethical ~ A Professional Guide must be ethical as it is also necessary to be honest.

A Professional Guide holds to ethical standards and never breaks the trust given by others.

Determination to do well ~ A Professional Guide understands that the purpose we all have here on earth is to do well and good.

A determination to make others better, to make a difference with oneself as well as those one guides.

This is truly Guiding Leadership.

Confidence ~ A Professional Guide has confidence in one’s own strengths as well as being very aware of their own weaknesses.

This shows as easily as the nose on one’s face.

A confident Professional Guide knows it speaks of experience and knowledge and helps to solidify trust.

Confidence also creates a feeling of safety and security for those following.

Guiding Leadership

These are only a handful of the different aspects, traits, qualities and characteristics that are inside of us all.

This is the chemistry or the natural physical process, creating together what makes up a Professional Guide.

In truth, it is what makes up each one of us.

It is the call of Nature herself that leads some to embrace Guiding Leadership and become a Professional Guide.

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