6 Questions Your Outfitter Should Ask Before Your Adventure

There is a lot you are going to want to know, before you choose your Adventure as well as after you choose which Adventure is the one you have dreamed of.

There are also questions your Outfitter should ask you, before your Adventure.

Your Outfitter Should Want to Know

I have been thinking about this more and more, as we spread out into this new Social Media world, and more folks are going to be joining us during the summer months than ever before.

All the lessons I have been learning, all the hours studying, it seems to me and keeps resonating in the back of my mind, all the lessons we learn, period, can be applied into our entire lives.

As Professional Guide, the lead guide to the Extreme Pro Team and Master Guide Terry Overly’s manager. I have taken many guests into the wild and woolly remote wilderness of Alaska for years, so I sat down and made a list of the most important pieces of information I tend to acquire from a new guest when I meet him or her.

So for you, these are the questions that no matter how much planning has taken place already, are the things I am going to want to get a feel for, so that I can do everything in my power to make sure you have the Wilderness Adventure you dreamed of.

6 Questions Your Outfitter Should Ask Before Your Adventure:

  • How much of an adventure do you want to have?

This is an important one. There are different routes to the same destinations. Some could be termed as “slightly hairy” some may be the natural, Alaska version of “The Man From Snowy River”.

Do you want to feel you have tested and pushed yourself or just kick back and have a leisurely ride in the Park?

  • How authentic do you want your experience to be?

By authentic, I mean do you want to live hard on the land with the minimum of trappings or would you prefer a stationary camp to come home to each evening with all the “comforts” and extras?

  • Do you prefer to be a “client” or a “guest”?

A “client” is a distant word and a “guest” could be family for us here at Pioneer Outfitters.

We work for clients and may hear from them again, down the road, when they would like to hire us again.

We have had many very enjoyable clients over the years.

A guest is someone that wants to be in on everything, learn everything, help make his or her trip what was planned.

At Pioneer Outfitters a guest is more akin to family for us, because family is always getting into everything and laughing and bickering and racing and sharing and not only learning, but teaching us, as well.

Guests come back into our lives over and over again (No, not because you can’t get rid of family!) because they miss you and they miss the adventures you have together.

  • Do you want to have a vacation that puts you in the middle of the wilderness with a quiet and fullness to the air, that rejuvenates you even as it brings you peace?

The point to this one is a little bit of back-tracking. We want to be sure that every moment is what you imagined or could have imagined.

We will want to know if we are trying to see as much as possible in the time you have with us and to keep everyone on step, moving right along.


We will want to know if you want to absorb as much in the most relaxing way possible with early evenings to sit for hours around a crackling camp fire watching the sky change into it’s midnight sun.

  • Do you want to be part of a living history, true pioneers to a great northern land?

Do you want to spend your time with us working the gold mines, freezing and aching, completely immersed in what brought so many people over the great glaciers, through nasty rapids of icy waters, across trails cut into the mountain sides, like one, aptly named “The Goat Trail.”

  • Do you want to stand where no one has stood before?

This one tells me if you would truly appreciate some of the crags and effort it may take to put you right there.

In a spot no one has stood (chances are), there is no mark of man as far as you can see.

Only untouched wilderness and a land that is as powerful as it is enormous. It sits, and waits, for you.

We want to know. Let us know and we will help you choose YOUR Alaska Summer Horseback Adventure.

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  1. Good information once again Amber…You already know I want to to it ALL..every way from “Snowy River” to putz and take photos..of everything! Live like you do there ..just dive in have you guys boss me around..Learn Something New..and enjoy spending time with some of the best friends and people I’ve ever had the pleasure to bump in to!..Biggest thought? I won’t want to come home!!!

    As Always ~*~

    Ann Jane

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