Quit Peein In My Post Toasties, Hope Tastes Better

It is one of my Dad’s favorite phrases to use on someone who walks around looking like storm clouds have takin’ up residence in their souls or their short hairs are being plucked out one by one.

“Who peed in your post toasties?”

(I think that was some sort of a breakfast cereal way back in the old days.)

But seriously, quit peein in mine. Hope tastes better anyways.

Some of us are still looking at life as a gift. It may not be all roses and castles, but we are warm and dry with food in our bellies. The children have shoes and clothes that fit. Hope tastes better. Without hope, we will not keep working towards what matters.

There are so many possibilities! Tomorrow is always a brand new day. Hope overflows with the sunrise, each morning. Each and every interaction is another chance to open a new door, meet a new person, to make a difference in someone’s life.

We have, you and I that is, everything we need, you know… We have this moment, we have the Internet and truly, we have each other. There is so very much I can learn from you. Only you. From your experiences and your point of view.

Likewise, there is so much I would share with you. I would share it in person and value always the moments we would share. I would value every interaction online as we get to know one another from afar.

And yet…

We have hate and distrust, abuse and abandonment and lies, disinterest and cheating every time we turn around. We have terrorists killing people in the name of a God who has only ever asked that we care for, teach and love one another and anti- hunters threatening, hurting and slandering people who have views that differ from their own.

Quit peenin in my post toasties. Hope tastes Better.

There are such beautiful people in the world who only wish to help, share with us and to guide others. There are so many with gifts that could heal a broken heart, if that heart would only see. This is hope.

Such terrible things happen. Terrible things happen to us, to you, to your friend, to your neighbor. Horrible acts committed and never spoken of, to be hidden and buried so that the shame will never be seen.

Which is it? Is it a beautiful world full of promise and hope? Or is it broken beyond recognition? If it is broken, completely shattered, can we not then, together, make something very good and special from the pieces, raising it to shine above the ashes? Not to replace it, but to learn from what was and to remember what it was that brought us here, together?

And this: Ok, I hear about this all the time, so I will say the obvious. What does this have to do with Pioneer Outfitters, with Horseback Adventuring, with Horseback Big Game Hunting in Alaska?

That is easy.

This is exactly what we stand for at Pioneer Outfitters. We are Professional Guides. We are Leaders. We are men (and women), Fathers (and Mothers) and sons (and daughters). We are looked to for safely guiding others through some of the most dangerous wilderness terrain in the world. We care and we are strong. Doesn’t everybody want to simply be at peace, to be safe, to feel joy and happiness? And do we not look to the strong and true to guide us and protect us until we can walk our own path? Is it not the duty and responsibility of those who are strong and good to help where help is needed?

Quit peenin in my post toasties. Hope tastes Better.

If you can’t help someone then at least do not hurt them. If your heart can’t look just yet at the beauty, if your heart is not ready to love; then lift someone else up so that they can see, so that they can love and be loved. Simply be still until you are strong again. Hope.

Remember, you are not alone. We are here.

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