Remember Rule Number 1 In EVERYTHING You Do

Over and over again I remind our Trainees, my children and even the Boss (I may very well be the only one who would remind the Boss!); Be Right!

Not too long ago we spoke of Good Enough and how that so many people fall back on those words to give less than their own full effort to become more or do a better job. We also discussed how Good Enough is not even close to good enough in anything we do in life, be we leaders, professionals, teammates or students.

Rule Number 1

You may have been one of those who sent me one of the various messages received informing me of the fact that my newest Campfire Chat video, Horseback FITNESS Adventure, would not play and could not be viewed. (Thank you, sincerely, for that!)

It is ready!

There seemed to be a mind-boggling problem with this video! Over the last week it has been re-uploaded, re-edited and uploaded again and uploaded again! Between having no power fro three days and killing my bandwidth twice, this video has been consuming my thoughts.

How can this be true? The Horseback Fitness Adventure is an incredible opportunity for so many reasons and it must reach those it was created for. Obstacles never faced before keep popping up in front of me, urging me to call it “Good Enough” ~ but it isn’t, not by a long shot.

It is something that very well may change so many lives, as it changed my own and I will continue to focus my efforts on reaching those people who like myself, are searching and hoping for just a chance to make a difference in their own lives, their own health and fitness.

Rule Number 1

Remember Rule Number 1 in everything you do, Be Right. Remembering this rule could make the difference in how you are perceived by your peers, peeps, higher-ups and followers. It makes a difference in how YOU view yourself. If you settle for less than your own best, then you have no right to expect the best from anyone else in your life.

Rule#1 isn’t easy to live by. Sometimes, it forces us in a shocking and rude manner abruptly out of our comfort zone. It places us in foreign lands where we do not know or understand the customs or language.

Asking for help, advice or instruction may be the step that needs to be taken next. Not settling for less than you know is right is an effort in perseverance and courage. It matters and so do you. The people, who take their lead and direction from you, matter.

Remember Rule Number 1: Be Right


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2 Responses to Remember Rule Number 1 In EVERYTHING You Do

  1. Rule Number 1..not an easy rule, but one a person must always strive for I believe! In your world and work a must!
    Yippee the Campfire video up and working. :)

    ~*~As Always

    • Oh thank the Lord! YES!! It is running! It has killed my bandwidth three times this last week. I am so glad it’s up and running now, but I hope everyone who tried to see it will come back and watch it now.

      Rule #1: Be Right
      There is a lot more forgiveness in the world as long as you are right. Be right. (Or be quiet!)LOL

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