Signs of Grizzly Bears

Every single day spent out in Alaska’s grand wilderness is an Adventure of a lifetime, to be sure.

Add to the incredible reality of being part of this vast and untouched wilderness, hunting Alaska’s most dangerous predator and the adrenalin begins to flow.

Today, come along with us as we look for signs of Grizzly Bears and hopefully get to hunt and harvest one too!

Signs of Grizzly Bears

Signs of Grizzly Bears

The bear-berries are scarce and the only signs of Grizzly Bears we’ve seen are fresh diggings, scat and tracks left behind on our horse trails.

The days are getting shorter, less light and more dark. The temperatures are dropping both at night and during the days.

“Bo-Bo, where are you?”

We are not searching for just any Grizzly Bear. We are hunting for a naughty one. He’s been a real problem for a few weeks now. Breaking into our neighbor’s meat cache and destroying supplies that Master Guide Terry Overly flew into the camp we are now hunting out of, that were dropped off on the airstrip.

The weather, I must say, has been ugly. Truthfully? The weather this fall season has sucked the big, hairy, infected wienie. There. I said it. That is the lowest of all low insults.

Rain, snow and absolutely-no-shit-hurricane-force winds. What. Is. Going. On. ?!

And yet, we are still hunting. Yesterday’s wind (that came really close to knocking Thunder off his feet!) was the last straw. We traveled, at one point, about 1,000 yards and were hit with winds coming from three directions! (Good Grief)

Upon returning to our camp, which has a permanent cook cabin, we found that most of the tar paper had been blown off the roof and my tent had been relocated, stakes and all!

After fixing and shoring up what we could, we had dinner and all of us, exhausted from fighting the insane wind all day, called it a night and crawled into our sleeping bags with no delay.

Waking in the middle of the night, it was finally silent with the winds gone, I crawled out of our tent to see what was left of our camp.

It was one of the most beautiful and disturbing sights I have ever witnessed.

The stars, millions of them, looked as if they had come closer (very-VERY-close) and were being viewed through a magnifying glass. The were so close and huge and so very bright, they lit up the night. Brighter than any full moon I have ever witnessed, they were incredible. They were also mildly disturbing. Why did they look so close? Some atmospheric happening?

And, I am truly sorry. I did not take pictures of the stars and I really should have.

We woke again this morning to clouds spitting snow at us and a manageable wind. My crew and client are finishing….

Signs of Grizzly Bears

(I looked up as I was writing this for you, in front of the cook cabin, enjoying a cup of coffee and a little quiet before hunting… and what do I see??)

Holy Shmokes! A Grizzly Bear!

I had looked up from the book I write these blog posts in, to take another sip of coffee and looked towards the steep side of the bench directly across from our camp, on the other side of the creek.

What is side-hilling down from the bench, walking to my right from the edge on the left?

A Grizzly Bear! A completely gorgeous Grizzly Bear.

I dropped my notebook and ducked into the cabin, saying to my client, Chuck, “Grab your gun.” (Talk about bringing all conversation to complete stop!)

“Glen, you’re backing me up. Makinzi, grab the video camera.”

Out the door we went, single file down the trail to the airstrip and stopping clear of the big willows in the way of a clear shot.

“120 yards” I said as I braced myself for a steady shoulder for Chuck to shoot from.

Boom! Down, the steep side the bear tumbled, hitting the creek and jumping up to run. “Again.” I told Chuck and he sent another bullet to the Grizzly Bear.

Oh Shit” I heard Chuck say, so I turned around to see.

Chuck had scoped himself, for the first time ever while hunting, and he had blood dripping down is nose and eye as he stood there grinning at me.

You are wearing me out, with all this tough hunting.” I teased him. “First you harvest a magnificent 67” Alaska-Yukon Moose on the way to camp and now you get your Mountain Grizzly in camp!


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2 Responses to Signs of Grizzly Bears

  1. Now that’s an Adventure…a bit of everything from Mother Nature playing with you all to getting the Game..and IN camp! and on the WAY to cool! I would
    love to see the stars like that..but you are on top of the world..they have to be perfect!

    As Always ~*~

  2. Ann,
    The stars, they were quite possibly the most beautiful things I have ever seen…. and it wasn’t quite right. I don’t know how to describe it any better. I sure regret not getting my camera and tripod out.
    The hunt? What a blast! Great hunter, great luck… HE always knows what we need.
    ~Alaska Chick!

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