Spiritual Retreat, Horseback in Alaska

The area we go to on the Horseback Spiritual Retreat has been used for centuries by the native shaman of the Athabaskan clans that were living in this area long before the first white man arrived in Alaska.

Historically, the tribe’s shaman, or Medicine man would leave the others to meditate and fast, awaiting guidance from the spiritual world as well as from the universe itself.

The Medicine man or woman was responsible for the overall health of his or her people; spiritually, physically and mentally.

Spiritual Retreat

Medicine Man Mountain is one such place. It is a true Spiritual Retreat and has an incredible feeling to it, transcending any personal beliefs. LOL, even the horses are calm when we are in the Medicine Man camp. People are awed at it’s beauty, but more they are obviously affected and usually even speak of it within a couple of days. Usually words like peace, calming, quiet, solitude (even in groups), quiet, inspiring and rejuvenating are used by guests, clients and guides alike. Everyone enjoys their time spent at Medicine Man.

To be surrounded by the enormity of the world as far as you can see. Untouched, unspoiled, the raw beauty of this great land we call home. The immensity, the unbelievably endless space, here on earth, that enfolds us, the quiet.  And yet, the air itself can be heard as it breathes, alive. The stars are brighter than any city’s lights. Being so completely alone and small; to feel so completely protected, nestled against and nurtured by something so powerful and immense.

Personal discovery, tapping our potential, finding our courage is a  constant battle some days. Being still isn’t even an option in so many of our lives. So many obligations and pulls on us, expectations and wishes, is it any surprise that we loose ourselves and our connection?

Why Summer in Alaska? The land, mountains, creeks and rivers, the wildlife and glorious blue of the Alaska skies. The horses that bring your strength and inner power to the surface, making you stronger, more alive, as they carry you over and through the immense and unspoiled wilderness. Bringing you to life.

The quiet, unlike most ever hear. The quiet that is alive with the undisturbed nature that surrounds you and holds you in it’s own strength and glory as you behold it, as so few have ever done.

Renew yourself, in the sunlight and air, with the icy pure waters, pouring from the glaciers only miles away. Only in the remote Interior of Alaska can you fully understand why you were drawn here, to cleanse yourself without distraction. Only in Chisana will you ever understand your innermost dreams and needs.

Allow the Horseback Spiritual Retreats to bring you the greatest gift, yourself. You will leave Chisana humbled and gladly inspired for the hidden treasure that is Chisana.

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