Alaska Spring, the Fun Has Begun!

There are all sorts of great and exciting Adventures to be had during the Winter. However, after more than 6 months of it, when Spring finally arrives, everybody gets excited!

When Spring arrives here in the remote Wrangell Mountains, the fun has begun!

The Fun Has Begun!

Grizzly Bears are waking up the length of the Chisana River and the snow is leaving by half every day as the winds warm and blow.

As Master Guide Terry Overly and the guests take to the wet river on snow-machines for the last Winter – Spring Excursion, we left back at the Lodge are making ready for the Spring Adventures to begin.

The fun has begun with more baking, more lists, gear being pulled out and checked.

The days begin earlier than I want to wake and I fall asleep long before true dark arrives now.

The snow caps on all the mountains are pristine, with the lower parts shedding and melting the blanket that has hidden them for months.

The Fun Has Begun!

As our Spring Grizzly Hunts are beginning, we are also planning and looking forward to the early Horseback Adventures of this year.

I can’t wait to be gone and encounter all this year’s newest additions!

The fun has begun!

Babies! Gangly Moose calves, maybe twins will be well hidden from our eyes, but the horses never fail to notice, thus giving us a secret weapon for spotting what we may have ridden right by.

Grizzly cubs, one-two-three, are my favorites to spot and photograph. (From an extremely safe distance!) The fuzzy little basketballs are the absolute delight of any guest that see them.

Yes, the truth is the Summer Adventures have taken the love I have for Chisana, Alaska and this great, untouched Park and rolled it all together into a Horseback Adventure that is simply, unbeatable.

If you are already on our guest list for the next coming Spring, I am so much looking forward to sharing part of this Summer with you, and if not, we still have space for YOU!

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