Stuck on Stupid, in the Alaska Wilderness

Have you ever felt this way? As if everyone around you is missing the point and stuck on stupid? Stuck on Stupid, in the Alaska Wilderness is not where I want to be. Alaska chews up the unwary and has it’s own version of fun with everyone else.

Stuck on Stupid

Now, I’ll bet you are wondering where I am going with this post. With fires devouring the wilderness and flooding waters making all crossings dangerous, Stuck on Stupid could lead to disastrous results.

That line between what the Boss calls “Burn-Out” and what I call “Stuck on Stupid” isn’t very wide. The heat is unbelievable, the mosquitoes are relentless and watching all the Winter’s work on the horse trails be washed away by the flooding is disheartening. So much of what gets done on a daily basis is repetitious.  So to those of you, right now who are Stuck on Stupid, I offer you this advice: Suck it up, Buttercup.

Stuck on Stupid, in the Alaska Wilderness

With more Adventures and Big Game Hunts looming in the near future, the excitement grows along with the impatience.

Surprisingly, some of the Big Game Hunters that have booked hunts with Pioneer Outfitters over the last few years are sadly uninformed of the laws, professional ethics, regulations and statutes that govern Alaska Professional Guides.

Inside the State of Alaska Big Game Commercial Services Board (BGCS) Statutes and Regulations, 12 AAC 75.340 (c) Client and employee care standards. (2) avoid intentionally, recklessly, or carelessly exposing an employee or client to undue hazards.

What this means is, quite simply, if your Professional Guide determines that a course of action is putting any of your party, including the guides, in unnecessary danger or at risk, it is that Professional Guide’s responsibility to put a stop to said action, immediately.

12 AAC 75.340 (d) Field craft standards. All classes of guides shall (8) avoid using an aircraft in any manner to spot big game for the purpose of taking a specific animal. (9) avoid utilizing, in any manner, global positioning system (GPS) or other electronic devices to assist in the taking of a big game animal.

And last, but certainly not least, of the roots of the only “issues” that arise from Big Game Hunters. The State of Alaska Big Game Commercial Services Board (BGCS) Statutes and Regulations, 12 AAC 75.340 states, under (f) Standards of professionalism. A guide (1) of any class may NOT make guarantees as to the success of a hunt or the number of animals to be taken on a hunt.

Stuck on Stupid, in the Alaska Wilderness

As this website clearly shows as well as states in numerous and appropriate places and on appropriate pages, all of Pioneer Outfitters Big Game Hunts, in all of our camps the hunts are conducted in the same manner, hunt-spot-stalk.

We use the same camps, the same trails, the same tricks that Pioneer Outfitters has been using since 1924. Chisana, our home that we live in year round, and our spike camps alike, are located in the heart of our hunting area to ensure our clients the best opportunity of the game each client seeks. All hunts are fair chase. Our responsibility is to report all game violations, no exceptions.

Stuck on Stupid, in the Alaska Wilderness

Logically, this next reminder is annoying. To myself as well as, I am sure, to those of you who read it, however it must be said. Your Alaska Professional Guide is NOT in charge of or responsible for the weather. (Yes! It is true!) Sun, rain, sleet and snow. Winds, floods and forest fire smoke. These are all completely, with no exception, no warnings, no explanation or apology; out of our hands. (Dude.)

A few of the benefits and advantages of contracting a Professional Outfitter, such as Master Guide Terry Overly of Pioneer Outfitters and his crew of Professional Guides is the incredible history of experience and knowledge of the area, the wildlife, terrain and weather patterns.

It comes down to “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” Threats, bribes and difficulties are beneath any mature human to take part in, and almost always are fueled by ego and disappointment. It is not easy to stand up tall and strong under those blows but as the majority of Pioneer Outfitters Big Game Hunters find and as the Alaska Guide Trainees learn, it is easier to do when you Walk the Talk, always.

Stuck on Stupid

Stuck on Stupid, in the Alaska Wilderness

The bottom line and point of all of this is simply, don’t be Stuck on Stupid in the Alaska Wilderness. Pioneer Outfitters and Master Guide Terry Overly are the real deal. We live, walk and talk, year round, the real deal.  We Walk the Talk, always.

The Pioneer Outfitters website was created to give you a close-up, in-depth, intimate view into our lives. On the job and off, with bare-knuckle honesty and a true love and desire to share our lives through Alaska Chick’s Blog and the Pioneer Outfitters website as well as in the multitude of places you can find us throughout Social Media.

The guests and clients of Pioneer Outfitters, each individual, from all corners of our world, are our main concern and focus. We are in the business of helping your dreams become reality. We want to be part of your favorite memories, to be treasured for a lifetime.

So, when you finally arrive, take a deep breath and relax, you are here. Your Alaska Adventure has begun. Allow us to guide you and lead you to the dream that brought you to us. Trust us to keep you and yours safe while you experience all Alaska has to offer and know beyond all else, we want you to be able to absorb and enjoy every moment that you are with us in Chisana. We will make every effort to assure this happens, every time.

Here are a few links you may wish to explore, to help you decide which Alaska Big Game Hunt is for you.

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  1. Not on the same scale, or even close to half as dangerous as what “stupid” can lead to in the Alaska wilderness, it’s tourist season here.
    Rotaries…that’s all I have to say. LOL!
    Glad you guys keep everyone safe with your knowledge and experience!

  2. I’m not responding to that blog post up there. I don’t get it. It’s not for me, about me, at me.

    So, I’ll just say HI! And, good to know you’re well and ornery.


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