Suddenly Sunday: Be Bright!

A quote I first read a few years ago, when Pioneer Outfitters first came on-line to the fullest extent has always stayed with me and encouraged me whenever I began to worry that I was putting too much of my own heart, thoughts and feelings into something too important for someone like myself to bring to life.

Be Bright!

Be Bright

It is the first Sunday of the Year of the Horse, 2014. In part, my own journey to make Alaska Chick’s Blog that much more valuable to you, in whatever why I possibly can, has had the unexpected benefit and blessing of making YOU a part of my own life.

This Sunday, I would like to ask you if you allow your own light to shine. 2014 is Pioneer Outfitters 90th Anniversary. 90 years, living in the mountains of Alaska, making our lives and living on Horseback.

“And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear, our
presence automatically liberates others.”
~ Marianne Williamson

The focus of our 90th Anniversary in 2014 is to BE FEARLESS! That alone is a daunting thought, to say nothing of the actions required that will bring it to each of our own realities. The first step to Be Fearless is a very personal one.

It starts with you. The real you. The you that lives deep inside yourself, waiting to become all you were meant to be. I believe that Marianne Williamson’s words are truly that first step.

Be Bright!

With the goal to Be Fearless in mind, we each need to allow our own light to shine, to bring to the surface of our beings all we have to offer each other and the world. As we push our own self-imposed boundaries and limits, we learn, grow and become more. As we do this, we become Fearless.

The fears that hold us each in place are there only because we allow them to be. That is just silly. I am not talking about being afraid to jump off your roof to prove you aren’t “afraid” to do it or get closer to a Grizzly Bear than common sense advises. The fears that I speak of are the fears of what others may think of you, of rejection, of what may be perceived as “failure” or of what someone else may consider a “foolish” choice.

Be Bright!

We each have something wonderful to offer the world. If it is a warm greeting and a smile to the people you encounter on the way to work or the grocery store, that alone is a precious gift to someone who may need one so deeply that day. If it is that book you have been hiding for years…. Or possibly the one you have been thinking about starting… Possibly it is the experience you have never shared from a fear of speaking in public to a group of people.

Your gifts, what is inside of you, may change someone’s world if you would only share them. To do that, you need to let your light shine bright. To do that, you need to Be Fearless!

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5 Responses to Suddenly Sunday: Be Bright!

    • Thanks, Betsy.
      I want to inspire everyone to be fearless! Fearless is NOT the absence of fear, it is the absence of power and control we allow that fear over and in our lives. The light inside us, each, is so bright ~ if we would simply let it shine.
      Not, unlike, your own Polar Plunges.

  1. Love, Love it! Be fearless and Shine! What a cool Mantra for the New Year!!! I think you, my friend have been doing both for a long time, now for the rest of us to join you!

    As Always ~*~

  2. Well’d I get signed in..sigh..I couldn’t the other day..must be our storm..yes it’s still going on! I’m going to try the water thing tomorrow..I’ll have Mandi video it if it works..think -30 wind chill will do the same??? Thinking I need to order more Under Armour..I’m loving the tops!!

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