Suddenly Sunday: Finding My Why

Suddenly Sunday: Finding my WhyFinding my WHY in the Alaska wilderness never takes long. Sometimes, there is nothing that can do more for you than simply getting outside and breathing. Let the world wash over you, to allow you to remember the WHY.

The WHY.

Suddenly Sunday: Finding my WhyThe busyness that sums up most of our lives, the people and their hurts, worries, traumas and dramas, the deadlines and obligations.

I lost my WHY.

Trapped by the day-to-day, trapped by my own monsters and worries I found myself faltering over the last few days. I am not the only one. I see others around me, in our wilderness wonderland, feeling the same ho-hum drag of the day to day.

Alaska winters are something you cannot really become accustomed to. It is something that has to be taken each year, with the experience and knowledge of previous years, dealing with the dark and cold, and fighting the effects of both.

Finding My Why.Suddenly Sunday: Finding my Why

Heading out into the wilderness, for the first time in weeks, leaving every obligation behind, wasn’t easy. As a matter of fact, a post would be missed (and everyone knows how dedicated I am to what Alaska Chick’s Blog is…), my youngest child in tears because she wouldn’t be permitted to accompany me, and the worry of one of our team going “out” to simply find the Why.

The Why.

The air, the water, the huge mountains all around me and filling me with the pureness only the pure can offer. Washing away cobwebs of the sticky days of work and pressure. Reminding me what powerful really is. Feeling the engine that allows me to race and feel the air and water on my face, breathing it into my lungs as it washes away all my tears and fears.

Suddenly Sunday: Finding my WhyRiding into the wall of fog, was incredible. Everything around me completely vanished. Only the sound and feeling of my own snow-machine remained. Just me and the wind of flying over the ice, the water from the overflow misting and dampening my face and gear, washing away everything else.

Your Why.

What keeps you going, when the weight of all your thoughts and obligations are pushing you down? When you get wrapped up inside of everything “you have to get done”? What do you do? How do you regenerate?

Hey! We would love to share with you, our untouched wilderness and all of it’s gifts with you. If you have a plan or would just like to chat, be sure to Contact Us!

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10 Responses to Suddenly Sunday: Finding My Why

  1. Whooo Hoooooo! You did it! You played Hookey,went MIA for a day,, got away and out and just played and enjoyed. The best way to find the WHY for sure in my humble opinion!
    Leave the shoulda, woulda, coulda and have no regrets about them. Missed a post? Yea, but look what you gave us in this one,. I could hear your smile all through it! Now don’t wait so long to do it again…lol..I got my photos I asked for..hehehe….

    As Always ~*~

    • Yes, you got your pictures…. Not as many as I had hoped for, but it really was incredible! Thank you, for your constant nudging… I WAS grinning the whole time, even when I tipped my machine and needed help to pull it back over! I’ll get more soon, promise!

  2. You must always seek your “why” and be true to it, my friend. It’s far too easy to get caught up in what Ann Jane called the shoulda woulda coulda’s of the world. The only thing we should focus on is the moment, for it’s the only moment we have. To quote from one of my favourite authors:

    “Live the moment nobly, passionately and with love” (Lance Secretan)

    The world is not going to disappear when we take time for ourselves. As a matter of fact, it will probably reappear with greater clarity and meaning when we achieve greater clarity and meaning for ourselves. Cheers! Kaarina P.S. LOVE that you’ve added the #TeamBlogJack logo to your site. Must figure out how to do that for myself:)

    • Kaarina! Hi, sweet lady!
      Without Ann’s constant and unwavering belief and help…I just don’t know what I’d do!
      I understand that life doesn’t end, nor will the Earth shudder if I miss a post… but. But. It is only me here, doing all you see (in writing), and I made a promise. To Boss, that I believed this will work, that I would learn and implement all I learn and to all of you. You, Kaarina, and all the others who have supported me and Pioneer Outfitters in the online world, those I have met online, those clients and guests that find us online… The promise I made, to give everyone a clear view of WHO we really are, how we work and operate… it worries me. It is not only letting you down, when I let you down, the big cyber-brain says “Bad Website, Bad Alaska Chick” and issues it’s punishment of not being found and that equals letting Boss down.
      Then what?
      I’ll keep doing all I can to bring us to you and allow you closer to us.
      I won’t quit.
      Happy Days!
      P.S. I keep waiting for the “sic-‘em” message! Ha! I can walk you through how to put it there, I did it myself!
      Load the picture into your media files. (as if you were loading it to put into a blog post)
      Next. On my Word Press, I go to Appearance, click widget.
      Next. (Where do you want it? Your Blog?) Then, if so, go over to the right hand side and click the Blog Widget, it will drop down and show what you already have there.
      Click and Drag a widget that says something about a picture, and drag it into the order you want it in. (For example, if you want it under your recent posts, drag and drop the new box/widget into the column on the right under the box that shows your recent posts.)
      Then. Go to your media files and get the url attached to that picture. (You can get it by clicking Edit on the picture of #TeamBlogJack)
      Next. Insert the url into the new widget.
      Go check to see if it is where you want it!
      There is also a spot to put into the link URL inside the widget, as you are setting it up, that you can link it straight to the post on #TeamBlogJack, and change it when the team has a spot of it’s own!

  3. This was my favorite of your posts…EVER. It all came down to one part, “Riding into the wall of fog, was incredible. Everything around me completely vanished.”

    THAT is some good writing!!! In just a few paragraphs I was able to see and feel the weight of Alaska winters. The tightness in my chest as I look for an escape and the realization that the answer was out there…in the fog.

    You are so cool!

  4. Great post!!! I can only imagine what it must be like to face the darkness and the cold for an extensive amount of time. I’ve faced “The Why” many times and as I spoke about in an earlier post I end up seeking some outside help. My fear is always that I don’t want to end up so down that I can’t get back up.

    • Gail,
      Your words “My fear is always that I don’t want to end up so down that I can’t get back up.” touched me, deeply. It touched me twice, first, it is too easy to quit when the drag is pulling so hard… don’t quit, focus on the dream or goal and remember why you started.

      That’s the easy one.

      The hard one is knowing what you know… Only someone who has felt what else those words can mean, especially after starting on the path to their calling, can feel the slap of those words, and know that it is really the Monster trying to push us back into the corner where it can destroy us at it’s leisure.

      Remembering (because the knowledge comes with first hand experience) that Monsters DO exist, and they eat souls along with hope, and remembering that none of us are alone, not one of us, and knowing you spotted the light, the direction you want to head; focus on that. And remember that there are so very many people who are here to help.

      Stay the Path. Let nothing take that away from you.
      Thank you, Gail, for being here and for doing what you do.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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