Suddenly Sunday: Sunshine and Shenanigans

Hey! I know what that is… it’s the sun! Sunshine is finally peaking through inside our mountains and we are going out to play! Sunshine and shenanigans is what we are up to, how ‘bout you?

Sunshine and Shenanigans

A couple of weeks ago, the trainees worked on their “winter camp” out on the ice of the river. “Why on the ice?” Some of you may wonder… well, to see if they could, first. And honestly, I expected better pictures from 6 cameras. (We have already had an internal pow-wowed about that one.)

Sunshine and ShenanigansThe Spring has brought in the weekend-warriors and freighting through the pass with snow-machines has begun along with the “unexpected” visitors that arrive with the amount of daylight increasing and the adventurers getting back at it.

Lonesome, our 24 year old range horse, is snug at home, on this side of the river, easily within reach for all the TLC he can stand. We certainly had a blast getting him over here! Did you see?


Sunshine and Shenanigans


We did have one accident, bringing Lonesome home. One of our newest family members, Shadow, my little Alaska Chick-let’s puppy had to learn the hard way to leave the wolf-trained range horses alone, by being kicked. My heart almost stopped! Luckily, she only needed three stitches and is healing perfectly. (Thank you, God.)


Increasingly, reports of sign as well as the Grizzly Sunshine and Shenaniganssightings across the state are discussed, we here at Pioneer Outfitters have decided to call our scheduled Spring Bear Hunt clients to put them on alert.

As a rule, our earliest Spring Bear Hunt clients are not given hard dates to lock them into a time-frame because ethically, it would be wrong to have them come all the way to Chisana before the Bears are even awake. As one of the only areas in Alaska that a Grizzly Bear may be harvested every year, instead of one every four years, we are always prepared for them to wake up in a hungry mood.


Sunshine and Shenanigans

“Gentlemen’s agreements” are being made via the phone, choosing horses, long-distance for now, gathering them and the information we need to plan out the next range-horse buying trip. I’m still hoping for a grand stallion to be in the new group as it has been too many years since a stud ran our herd of range horses and we all miss having the young ones around.


Sunshine and Shenanigans
Poor little Shadow

So, the sky is Alaska-blue-blue and I am sitting inside, grimacing at the pain in my fingertips typing on the keyboard … yes, I think I frostbit my fingertips this morning, going out to take a few pics of the morning moon.

Sunshine and Shenanigans







Sunshine and Shenanigans





Sunshine and Shenanigans





Sunshine and Shenanigans




Sunshine and Shenanigans





Sunshine and Shenanigans
Alaska Chick-let, Shadow and Silvestor








Suddenly Sunday has arrived and the shenanigans we plan on getting into will be worth a few pictures to share with you later, so I am saying “Good Morning!” and signing off, to go play.


Sunshine and Shenanigans


 Just FYI ~ For you folks (you know who you are…) that are undecided on which Excursion or Adventure is right for you, we are already having a perfect (!) Spring! If snow and chill are not on your list of “Fun Things To Do” ~ They should be!! We still have spots open for you to come and enjoy Springtime in Alaska with us, so don’t wait! Contact Us, today!

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7 Responses to Suddenly Sunday: Sunshine and Shenanigans

  1. I’m glad someone is having Spring! Loved all the photos and video from the outing though. Lonesome looks like an Awesome Chick-let horse!
    Those are some Big bear paw prints! Awww..poor Shadow, first war wounds.
    I can’t wait to see what you get into out there today, I’m always amazed.

    As Always ~*~

    • (Shh…. Dem be WOLF prints, not bear! And yes, they are HUGE.)

      I hit the ground when I heard “kicked her eye out”….adrenalin overload, boom! Down I went. Terry and Kaleb saying over and over again, “She’s ok, her eye is ok”…. Good grief. I only hope she learned something. Dang dogs.

      Lonesome is an incredible horse. Small but mighty. He was my wrangling horse for years- FAST. But more, there isn’t anything he doesn’t know… he kept me safe for years, was wonderful for Zach and I think after the Alaska Chick-let’s fiasco last year being bucked off, I thing the switch will help her feel safe. She knows Momma has the bestest (her word not mine! LOL) horses.

      :) ~Amber-Lee

      • Holy Chit..Dem be Wolf?? They are huge! Thought bear for sure…A Cheeky here ya know..LOL

        I would have dropped too if I heard was close though..Lucky Dog!

        I just bet changing to one of Momma’s bestest(and yup i use that word too!) horses will make a huge difference in confidence. Good thinkin” !! Now I bet a new pair of Boots would help too…*Snicker.


        • I STILL want to find her a nice saddle for her birthday! I didn’t find one last year that just “clicked” with me… I hope so… last year, after her drama, she really didn’t ride without me- with me ON Thunder. I am worried… hopeful, but worried. I don’t want her to lose this.

          Boss said they were indeed some of the biggest wolf tracks he has EVER seen.

          Boots, eh? We are still talking Boots? Just order the top three pair you can find online and send them back if you don’t like them! (That’s what I do!!)

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