Suddenly Sunday, Walking the Talk

Some of you, like myself, strive every day and work hard to become more successful, healthier, a better parent, a more giving and forgiving friend, a better leader or boss and so much more. Walking the Talk isn’t just a catchy phrase in your lives, it is a way of life. Every day, nonstop.

Walking the Talk

Are we (am I) really Walking the Talk?

This question ran through my mind last Sunday when my 6-year old daughter, wanting to go for a walk with her Momma said to me, “Momma, Sunday is supposed to be God’s Holy day and a day of rest! You aren’t supposed to be working today!

We have Bible study in the evenings when we go upstairs for the night. We cuddle and read the Bible and we talk about what we are learning from God, through His stories and His Word. We have also been talking a lot lately about the Ten Commandments. My Alaska Chick-let’s favorite “read-to-me” bedtime book is her Children’s Bible Stories.

As the days went by, I found this question popping up again and again as I went about my life. Was I Walking the Talk? Whether as a Mother, as the Lead Guide Trainer, as a student, as the Manager for Pioneer Outfitters, was I truly living my own words every day?

Yes. I am very relieved to be able to tell you that every single day I am Walking my Talk. It isn’t easy and some days there are many times I still come up short. But I will be Fearless and I will continue to keep striving, keep studying and I will keep my heart open, for you, for my children and for all those I hope to help be Fearless someday. And! I will keep our Lord’s Day holy and for rest, family and His Word.

Sharing this, from me to you, is so that you know also that you are not alone in your desire to Walk the Talk. You are not alone, when you fail. I do too. But like you, I will keep getting back up, and I will remain determined to Walk the Talk. So when you falter, as we all do, remember that as long as your (and my own) heart is true and your path (and my own) stays in sight, you (and I) will succeed, together.

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4 Responses to Suddenly Sunday, Walking the Talk

    • I don’t think I could have been given a higher compliment! Wow, thank you… I wish I could have known him Ann. The few things you have shared with me over the last few years reminds me of my own Gramps and how much I miss his words and wisdom.

  1. A-Chick… funny… my dad also always shared those words… and he lived by them. Great blog with great insight and comments. Thanks for reminding me to read it. Love you girl! Glen

    • Thank you Glen!! Thank you for helping me to understand believing wasn’t enough. It wasn’t only believing that God wants from me.
      I love you too, Glen, and your Jeannie whom I hope so very much I will meet someday. Thank you so much for being part of my life, our lives.

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