Suddenly Sunday, The WORD on Fear

In the Bible, “Do not be afraid.” Is written 365 times. For us humans here on Earth in these rapidly changing times, that is a daily reminder from GOD Himself, to live each day fearless.

We chose Fearless as our focus in 2014. As individuals, as a Team and as a business, we will bring our own perceptions forward this year on how we will be fearless.

WORD on Fear

As everything on this Path that I am following, the Word, God’s Word, the Bible is my first stop for answers and direction. We have never actually spoken of the Word, here on Alaska Chick’s Blog, and I feel that to truly Be Fearless, I better start sharing with you this part of our lives. During my search for our own perfect word, I looked also in the WORD on Fear itself.

Wait! Don’t freak out. It’s a damn shame that our society today makes it so politically incorrect to speak of God or the Word to the general public. Of course, that is my own opinion and I am not here to preach at you.

Instead, I am here today to share with you, what I have found and learned. (Just like every other day!) Please open your hearts and minds for a moment and set aside anything that may stop you from hearing me simply because you may believe something different. We are all here to Be Fearless this year, and this is important to me.

The WORD on Fear

First, if I had to choose only one scripture that solidified Fearless in my own mind as the right word for 2014 it is this one:

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” ~ Isaiah 41:13

Well then. There ya go! It doesn’t get any clearer or more powerful than that. Fearless is something that we speak of often as there is a fine line between fearless and stupid. But when we do speak of it, I am usually at the center and usually I am called to defend my own choices and reasoning.

Often people believe and say that I am fearless. They couldn’t be more wrong. They simply have never looked beneath the surface. What I am is sure. I weigh all the possible outcomes and ramifications. There have been many instances I have even tried to explain.

“All that I have endured. All that I have studied, experienced and explored. What could possibly happen to me and what could be the possible worst outcome? Death. That is the one thing that I have yet to experience. I am not afraid to die. In death, I will be that much closer to going on to the next. I will not live afraid to die.”

People misunderstand Fearless. It is not the lack of fear so much as it is the lack of power and control given to that fear.

In 2014 we are working together to Be Fearless! Come with us, and we will all be fearless together.

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3 Responses to Suddenly Sunday, The WORD on Fear

  1. I think we ought to be afraid NOT to live full-out! We should be afraid to die NOT having lived our lives.
    I believe we are supported AND encouraged by God to our purpose and mission live joyfully regardless of all the fears we’ll encounter on that path. Fear is just the sidekick that reminds you you’re mortal!

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