Suddenly Sunday

Suddenly SundayIt is Suddenly Sunday and almost tomorrow (Oh, ok…it’s probably already tomorrow most places!) and here I am to tell you what is happening in our part of the wilderness right now.

Over the last week, and over this whole month of January, we have been busy checking on the range horses, finding the different groups and making sure everyone is wild and wooly and not being overly harassed by Timber Wolves or needing to come home to Chisana for some extra attention.

The weather has been typically unpredictable and because I am not afraid to admit it, it’s been great! Seriously, we had two weeks of warm shanooks blowing through our valley and temperatures reaching 40+ F. (It is now as I write this, -44* F and dropping.)

Why am I so happy about that? Well, all that wind ripping through the Chisana Valley, blowing the snow off the mountains and out of the trees, blowing and melting, put all that moisture back into the air. Now, we have about 4.5 of fresh, perfect powder, on top of the frozen base of snow. Perfect snow to play in.

Suddenly Sunday

The trap-lines are set, the trails are all made and cleared. The snow-machines are ready for the first of the Winter Predator Hunt and Trap Lines guests to arrive at the second week of February.

As we are busy living, home schooling and cutting firewood, the days go by with just a little more sunlight every day and the cabin walls, ever so gently, pushing in on the kids and I.

I find my thoughts and daydreams drawn to the Sports and Outdoor Shows happening now in the Lower 48. Our own decision to pull out of the majority of the Sports and Outdoor Shows a few years ago, was a difficult one.

For Pioneer Outfitters and our Horseback Adventures, Big Game Hunts and Winter Excursions, the advantage to us being in the thick of the circuit advertising outdoor activities was of the social element.

We decided it was too much of a stain and drain to be so far away, for socializing, because the majority of the Outdoors Shows had become more and more of a Walmart for the outdoors adventures people enjoyed. Less and less actual business took place at the events and more of it was being done online.

With the absolute debacle of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, known always as the largest sports and outdoor show in the world, with their blatant and ignorant choice of disregarding the foundation of the Second Amendment and our rights as Americans. Americans that have historically embraced all outdoor activities from survival and food to hobbies and enjoyment. In their action to ban certain legal weapons from the Show, Reeds made clear to the public that they had turned their backs on the roots of our Country and what we stand for.

(It’s good to be home!)

I do, however, miss my friends. The ones you only get together with once a year, when the entire profession comes together for events like this. And this year! This year, I am especially sad. I’m sad for not being there, cause I would love to have been able to meet, hug (slap a couple, upside the head!) and hang with the Girl Gang. (sigh)

Suddenly Sunday

Some major excitement has been blowing through Pioneer Outfitters for the coming Summer. Our Horseback Wilderness Pack Trip Adventures are going to be doing some pretty special trips this year (I hope you are on one of them!).

One of these trips, however, is a Home School Trip with 15-20 students between 14-16 years of age and 3-4 chaperones coming from California.

I have to admit, this is a biggie. Pretty exciting and lots to plan for. So! I hope you’ll tell me what is going on in your neck of the woods too, in the comments!

And hey! There is still room for you and yours in you dream of an Alaska adventure… just reach out, let us know which dream is yours.

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  1. I Love Suddenly Sunday!
    Wow..My mouth dropped at the “15-20 students between 14-16 years of age”, can you say Holy teenagers! LOL I can just about it is going to be a Awesome Adventure, what fun for them and you.
    Fresh Snow!! Goody! more snow pics! See I’m getting you out of the closing in walls to play hookie. :)

    As Always ~*~

  2. Yeah, WOW! Holy Teenagers, indeed! LOL (You’ll be here to witness!)
    I’m gonna head out and get you some pictures today…we woke up to -53* F.

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