Summer in Alaska

I was asked, just this morning, on the phone by a friend that has never been to Chisana, “What is there to do, in the Summer in Alaska?”

Wow! There is so much to do here, in the remote Alaska wilderness that we live in. Summer in Alaska offers more for you, your heart, soul and spirit than any other place in the world.

Summer in Alaska

There are horses to ride, gold to pan for, wildlife to find and photograph and mountains to climb simply because they are there and so beautiful.

Glaciers to explore, fish to fish for (or “wrangle with nets, if you happen to be my children!), places, creeks, dry-washes and gullies no one has ever explored.

The remains of the last historic gold rush and the prospectors that made Chisana (“Shushanna”, as it was known then.) the largest log cabin settlement in the state (although, it was no where near being a State, then).

To find and inspiration to be had simply by being in the midst of what is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on earth.

The weather in Alaska during the Summer is beautiful.

The sun never sets and the blue-blue sky that has never been polluted is breathtaking.

The rain comes and goes as do the clouds and fog, constantly moving; in, through and around the light to delight you, thanks to the surrounding majestic mountains.

Summer in Alaska

On clear, sunny days in May thru June you may see temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s with the evening temperatures of 40* to 60*. Some days it could reach the high 90’s with the temperature dropping into the 70’s.

Rain is more likely in July and August with the possibility of a little snow at the higher elevations. August snows as a rule will melt off in a day or two. Cloudy and stormy days in August will bring temperatures of 35* to 55* and usually with winds of 10 to 20 miles an hour.

In September temperatures and weather may change considerably between the beginning and end of the month. 50* to 70* is not uncommon on clear, sunny days and likewise 20* to 40* is not uncommon on cloudy, stormy days. Very little rain is usually expected in September and snow is likely at anytime. (It is Alaska!)

Why should you come to Alaska, during the Summer?
Why Chisana?

Summer in Alaska

Because this is the Last Frontier. There are no roads, there are no distractions from the absolute, untouched, unchanged, unexplored, phenomenal wild place.

You will never drink water as cold and clear (you may never like your water again!), you will never again be able to look and see as far, knowing you are the only one there.

This is what Chisana offers you.

To fill your soul with the knowledge that you stood in a place, no one, ever, stood before you. To ride, see, watch and photograph wild critters that have never seen a human.

To see the most amazing things Nature has left us deep in the mountains, the formations left by the passage of the enormous glaciers, the rugged and mighty mountains that surround the endless land, hidden from reach for so long.

Unchanged by people or commercialism, the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve and Chisana, deep inside our Nation’s largest National Park, remains pristine and open to Adventurers and seekers.

With Pioneer Outfitters, at your side, you will be able to safely experience fully the wilderness and all it’s wild glory.

Experienced, licensed Guides of Alaska will keep you safe as you explore and discover what has been hidden for the ages.

Why should you come to Alaska for your Summer vacation or Adventure?

The reason is, because we here at Pioneer Outfitters can provide you with the means and guidance to explore and experience what few others ever have.

The opportunity to see what has been gone and lost in most places, for longer than most know. The incredible and inspiring world, that Pioneer Outfitters calls home.

We truly hope you will join us, for Summer in Alaska.

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