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Women Adventurers and Women Hunters

Amber-Lee and Brenda, First Lady in Hunting, Brenda Valentine

Pioneer Outfitters has been providing horse pack-trip, sight-seeing, photography, winter excursions and hunting excellence since 1924. As a professional woman in a field that is still mainly enjoyed by men, I am sitting here today writing to you.  The women I’ve met since becoming an Alaska Guide have shared so much with me, taught meContinue Reading

Summer in Alaska

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I was asked, just this morning, on the phone by a friend that has never been to Chisana, “What is there to do, in the Summer in Alaska?” Wow! There is so much to do here, in the remote Alaska wilderness that we live in. Summer in Alaska offers more for you, your heart, soulContinue Reading

Horseback Riding Adventures For the Inexperienced

Adventures are something most of us dream of having. Sometimes however, our own inexperience prevents us from even exploring the option of having these long dreamed of and even craved adventures. What Pioneer Outfitters offers are various wilderness Adventures and Excursions throughout the entire year. Including Horseback Riding Adventures for the inexperienced. “I’ve never riddenContinue Reading