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Alaska Hunter Reality Check!

 Hunter Tensions

It is time for an Alaska hunter reality check. The biggest and heaviest weight carried by Professional Guides and respected outfitters alike, are the tensions caused by clients who may not harvest the game they came to Alaska for. The reality is this: Hunting is hunting. A hunter does not always harvest an animal. AContinue Reading

Signs of Grizzly Bears

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Every single day spent out in Alaska’s grand wilderness is an Adventure of a lifetime, to be sure. Add to the incredible reality of being part of this vast and untouched wilderness, hunting Alaska’s most dangerous predator and the adrenalin begins to flow. Today, come along with us as we look for signs of GrizzlyContinue Reading

About The Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears

~ “I had that dream again last night“, I tell Brian, when he comes into the cook tent for a cup of coffee. “Horses hadn’t moved much, must have slept, not ate, all night. They are going to be a pain in the ass today, trying to eat instead of walking. Grizzly Bears again?” BrianContinue Reading

Sheep on the Mountain!

Sheep on the mountain

As you all know, I love quotes! Inspiring, motivating, reminding-me types, all kinds of quotes. When I followed the link that caught my eye, I found what I had needed to find at the end of a really long few days, evaluating and seeing in person, what is what and where. “Sheep on the mountain!”Continue Reading

Weather Permitting

Weather Permitting

WEATHER PERMITTING Way up in Alaska wherever you are, If you’re headed out close or you’re headed out far And you’re going by plane you can add (and it’s fitting) I’ll be there Good Buddies, Weather permitting. It could really care less what you’re planning or doing; An operation, oration, a wedding or wooing. WhenContinue Reading