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The Guiding Force of Survival


It’s you. You are our guiding force of survival. #Stand4theManinBlack is a fundraiser to raise the funds needed to replace the crucial airplane needed for survival. The fundraiser is a matter of survival and it needs you to be successful.  You. We need you. We need for you to care and we need for youContinue Reading

Horses, Aware and Authentic

Aware and Authentic

As we continue to focus on how each of us will strive and strengthen our resolve for 2014 to Be Fearless! we come to the letter “A” standing for the words “Aware” and “Authentic”. There is nothing that teaches us more about ourselves, our own leadership strengths and direction and the words “aware” and “authentic”Continue Reading

Snow White and the 7 Dorks, IHA


Or, the Princess and her Seven Dwarfs (except…they are ALL taller than I am!). As happens on many intense, high stress …Adventures, the humor of the whole series of dramas and events becomes a little twisted.  Bonds are formed that will never be broken by these shared moments. The 2013 International Horseback Adventure (IHA) isContinue Reading