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Sheep on the Mountain!

Sheep on the mountain

As you all know, I love quotes! Inspiring, motivating, reminding-me types, all kinds of quotes. When I followed the link that caught my eye, I found what I had needed to find at the end of a really long few days, evaluating and seeing in person, what is what and where. “Sheep on the mountain!”Continue Reading

Tough Enough to Hunt Alaska?

Tough rides.

There are many opinions as to the fitness level and capabilities of those who wish to hunt Alaska Big Game. Certainly, a fair amount of fitness is required of any physical sport and hunting is no different. There is a difference however between the rest of the world and Alaska. With her ever-changing and completelyContinue Reading

Lets Talk About Dall Sheep

Alaska Hunting Regulations 2011-2012

Alaska has some of the best hunting of the Big Game that calls Alaska home, in the world. The quality of the in-field and hands-on experience of Alaska’s Master Guides, Registered Guides, Class-A Assistant Guides and Assistant Guides is unprecedented. No other state in America can compare to Alaska’s stringent Big Game Guide Training andContinue Reading

Alaska Challenge, The Real Deal

Combo Hunts

Alaska Guide Makes The Challenge, The Real Deal Master Guide Terry Overly of Chisana, Alaska and Pioneer Outfitters has decided to add to our schedule of hunting events.   We will now offer The Challenge, a 34 day, one on one, all game hunt. The Interior Mountain Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep and the Alaska-Yukon Moose. BlackContinue Reading