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Prepare to Lead

Prepare to Lead

“Are you ready?”  You hear the words being asked and your life changes in that instant. Your mouth is dry, it feels like dust; Your tummy feels as if the floor just dropped out from beneath you; Your legs are like jello and you are surprised in some distant way that they are still holdingContinue Reading

Hold the Line in Alaska

Hold the Land

There are lines in all of our lives. Lines you wont cross, no matter what. Tact, diplomacy, flexibility, giving way, graciousness and compassion; they are all valuable and precious skills. They can be traits one is born with to the blessed and skills for those committed to learning and adapting them. However they become partContinue Reading

Suddenly Sunday, Empowering You

Empowering You

Our focus for 2014 is Be Fearless! Continuing the explanation that I started to share with you in the post Bold & Brave, today’s word is Empowering. Empowering you, is my wish and dream. Empowering is defined as giving someone the authority or power to do something. Pretty vague, eh? Hopefully, I can help toContinue Reading

Monday Motivation: Man-Up and STOP the Mind Games

Mind Games

Pioneer Outfitters is all about Horseback Adventures, Winter Excursions and Big Game Hunting in the remote Alaska Wilderness deep inside the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. But that is not all Pioneer Outfitters is. We are also individuals, family, friends and a Team. We each have strengths, weaknesses, pet-peeves, wishes and dreams. As people,Continue Reading