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With Excited Endurance

excited endurance

To be or do anything at all, in a wonderfully powerful and in a lasting way, it must be done with excited endurance. Whether it is an adventure to be experienced or a career to take to the next level, a creative idea brought to life and reality or becoming physically fit; an individual onContinue Reading

Monday Motivation, Stay the Path

Stay the Path

Remember the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson? That was the first time the phrase “Stay the Path” hit me and embedded itself in my own mind. Stay the Path Stay the Path In honor of Pioneer Outfitters’ 90th Anniversary, our focus for 2014 as individuals, a Team, a business and as a family, isContinue Reading

Monday Motivation, Be Faithful!

Be Faithful

Be Fearless! The focus we chose for 2014, as Pioneer Outfitters, as a Team and each of us personally, Be Fearless! is our daily reminder to each other to Stay the Path we have chosen to be stronger, smarter and more courageous than ever before. Today’s Monday Motivation is Be Faithful! Be Fearless! Faithful isContinue Reading

Monday Motivation, Dont Suck

Dont Suck

That was as politely said as I could make it. Seriously! This week’s Monday Motivation is a reminder to take each and every task, job, interaction or what-have-you, very seriously. Give it your all. Dont SucK. Trust me; if you think it was good enough, you suck. Dont SucK Harsh? No, not really. I don’tContinue Reading

Monday Motivation, Be Fearless!

Be Fearless

Be Fearless! Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat, which causes entities to quickly pull far away from it and usually hide. Hide? LOL, Hell no! When I first entertained the idea of having a one-word theme for an entire year to base not only my own actions, writing, teaching, learning and thoughtsContinue Reading