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Adventures with Grizzly Bears

At Pioneer Outfitters, located in the Wrangell St.-Elias National Park and Preserve, Grizzly Bears are a part of our lives. From a distance as well as walking across the front yard, these magnificent critters are awe inspiring (as well as adrenalin pumping!) to observe and appreciate. They are powerfully impressive. Completely unconcerned and often quiteContinue Reading

Favorite Horseback Adventures to Choose From

Horseback Adventures

Pioneer Outfitters, located in the remote Chisana, Alaska offers you the adventure of a lifetime with our Horseback Adventures. Explore the spiritual places of the indigenous peoples clan’s chieftains, medicine man and healers; climb the glaciers that are part of the Bagley Icefield, the largest ice-field in North America; visit, explore and photograph not onlyContinue Reading