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Looking Back at the International Horseback Adventure

Horseback Adventure

Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I didn’t fib! Other names of this trip have been things like “Horse Trip From Hell” and “The Yukon to Alaska Horse Trip & Rabid Rodent Adventure”. Need I say more? LOL! The International Horseback Adventure is the cross country expedition bringing into Chisana, Alaska from the YukonContinue Reading

Tough Enough to Hunt Alaska?

Tough rides.

There are many opinions as to the fitness level and capabilities of those who wish to hunt Alaska Big Game. Certainly, a fair amount of fitness is required of any physical sport and hunting is no different. There is a difference however between the rest of the world and Alaska. With her ever-changing and completelyContinue Reading

Springtime in Chisana, Alaska

Spring and Chisana

I wonder, at times like now, how does anyone survive without the quiet? Without the beautiful and crisp morning air and the sounds of the wolves, howling, the owls, hooting. In the early mornings when the ground is frozen again and the ice crunches under my boots, I can ignore the ugly brown of theContinue Reading

Guided Horseback Riding in Alaska

Guided Horseback Riding. Sounds nice and peaceful. Brings to mind tall trees, winding trails in the dirt from the feet of so many horses passing through. The moving shadows of light coming through the trees, gentle breezes. Gentle mounts that do what you ask of them and give to you the healing grace and forgivenessContinue Reading