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Sheep on the Mountain!

Sheep on the mountain

As you all know, I love quotes! Inspiring, motivating, reminding-me types, all kinds of quotes. When I followed the link that caught my eye, I found what I had needed to find at the end of a really long few days, evaluating and seeing in person, what is what and where. “Sheep on the mountain!”Continue Reading

Will You Survive?

Will You Survive?

In the 2010-2011 Alaska Hunting Regulations, I was struck by a section of the letter that Corey Rossi, the Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation, wrote. “First and foremost, we as a society are losing our connection with the land.” ~Stop. Think about that. Ok, to continue… “For many, the importance of open space,Continue Reading

Good Hunters and Terrible Guides ~ My view as an Alaska Guide

The Pioneer Outfitters Team

No matter where you, the Outfitter, are located, what state, Provence or country, your guides are your most valuable asset. An Outfitter’s guides can make or break your business. “Guiding has little to nothing to do with hunting.” Alaska’s first female Registered Guide, Elizabeth Hickethier, Master Guide Terry Overly’s mother, told me this when IContinue Reading

My First Sheep Hunt

Alaska Guide

I have been an Alaska Guide since 1995. My area of expertise at that time was the great Alaska-Yukon Moose and our Interior Mountain Grizzly Bears. For years, I would cook for the guides out in camp during the month of August, before Alaska changed the hunting season for Grizzly Bears in our hunting areaContinue Reading

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training runs throughout the year. We “train” is as by example. Our training is living our lives, in the bush of Alaska. Survival is a necessity living in the remote Interior of Alaska. Master Guide Terry Overly flew away in the airplane this morning to haul fuel in for theContinue Reading

Guide Training ~ What Is The International Distress Signal?


As for your answers to my question…! What is the international distress signal? Three shots, knocks, whistle blasts, bell bongs, light blinks, beeps, flag waves, smoke bombs or flares should bring help or at least some attention. If you are expecting help from the air, array three fires, lights, flares, or smoke signals as aContinue Reading