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ThanksgivingI have been thinking about what I am truly thankful for these last weeks. There is so much to be thankful for, so many blessing in our lives.

T … Today. I am thankful for today, a new day, with no mistakes and hours in which I may achieve my highest hope in touching someone’s life in a positive way.

H … Help. I am so completely thankful for all the help that I have been given, all the support, all the hands, waiting to grasp my own.

ThanksgivingA … Angels. Yes, I said Angels. I am thankful to the Angels that keep us safe as we live, ride and work in this great and untamed wilderness and for their guiding hands that show the way.

N … Night. I am thankful for the night. The night is rest and thought followed by a dawn, that always comes with a new day and an opportunity.

K … Kindness. I am thankful for the kindness that exists everywhere. The smile on a stranger’s face, the word or act, that costs nothing and changes everything.

ThanksgivingS … Strangers. I am thankful for strangers, people whom I have yet to meet, for the knowledge they may share and the experiences we may someday share.

G … God. I am thankful that He holds me as dear as He must. I am eternally grateful that He has never stopped loving me and that He has never given up on me.

I … Internet. Yes, I am thankful to the internet! LOL, it has given me the trail I walk on and visit each of you by.

ThanksgivingV … Vision. I am thankful for the wonderful and magical vision we, as people, were given to see what can be…

I … Individuals. I am thankful to too many individuals to list them. Individuals that have touched my life, and helped make me all I am and given me the hope to be even more.

N … Nancy. I am thankful Nancy came into my life when she did and the huge part of my life in which she plays.

G … Grizzly Bears. I am thankful for Grizzly Bears, that they exist at this same time that I share. Something so powerful, so spiritual, that I find myself humbled by it’s presence.

ThanksgivingI am thankful for my beautiful, intelligent children, they bring so many wonders and so much understanding to my life every day.

I am thankful to my family who have always loved me, even when they didn’t understand me, who have stayed my family through a life of hard lessons and strange turns.

I am thankful to my friends who bring into my life so much color and warmth. For their eyes, for seeing me, their ears for hearing me and their hearts, for loving me.

ThanksgivingI am thankful, every single day, that I have been given such an incredible adventure as a life. A chance to experience that adventure and the inspiring hope to understand what my place is in His plan.

I am also really-really thankful that Terry got the power back on so that I could share this with you!

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Thanks

  1. You are a beautiful woman living a beautiful life in a magnificent place blessing the rest of us with a glimpse of nature’s awesomeness…and yours! Keep going! On to Christmas and more thoughts of how blessed we are to be alive at such a time as this!

    • Betsy,
      You humble me… I want so much to know I am sharing the whole Chisana, the whole Pioneer Outfitters, the whole and real me with you, with the world. I want you to feel welcome and comfortable with us, even if this is as close physically as we ever get…If I do that, if you feel THAT, then I will know that I have done the job. (What a job, eh?) Be blessed, my friend. I am, with you here.

    • Kaarina,
      I am so happy to see you!! I know your Thanksgiving was before ours… you had me in a panic talking (on Face Book)about it being only a few days away, earlier this month! LOL… Happy, Blessed and Sweet Holidays to you and yours, my dear friend.

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