The 2012 Prois Hunting Award

Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick! With ThunderIt strikes me as funny, the twists and turns that living leads us…

I’ve spoken to you in the past, of the frustration that I feel in the realization, now, that it took (myself, at least) so very long to find my direction and to finally understand the Path to follow.

You have heard (read) my determination to Stay the Path and I have admitted freely to my own dream, of bringing Pioneer Outfitters to your own as well as the whole world’s attention.

Pioneer Outfitters, a family owned and operated outdoor recreational business of horse-outfitters and guides have lived here, in Chisana, Alaska since 1924. Remote and only accessible by small bush plane, deep inside the magnificent Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Chisana was the site of the last historic gold rush.

All the photographs, all the words from all the feelings, from sharing Chisana and Pioneer Outfitters with you, simply cannot portray the greatness to someone who hasn’t been there, seen and felt it. This is my own failure. My own lack. (So, I will continue to try!)

Being selected as one of 12 Finalists for the 2012 Prois Hunting Award, is a wondrous honor.

After reading the other 11 entries, of these fantastic women (April Mack, Brenda Valentine, Candace Crick, Janice Loudermilk, Jennifer Brockton, Joella Bates, Kathleen Lynch, Marlene Hinz, Michelle Bodenheimer, Ruth Cusak and Tia Shoemaker), I was even more humbled by being included as “one of the most dedicated female hunters around.”

Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick!Here is my thought, some days now after being named one of the women chosen to represent the Finalists of the 2012 Prois Hunting Award. I want to spread the word.

I want to spread the word!

There are so many people, today, who have never experienced the thrill and wonder of any great wilderness. There are so many people, today, who have no wilderness to experience.

We, us here in Chisana at Pioneer Outfitters, are blessed by living in one of the great wild places left in the world. It is up to each of us that are equally as blessed to share this life with as many people as we can.

It is up to me, as the Manager of Pioneer Outfitters and as a lead trainer for the Alaska Guide Training Program to share the possibilities and lessons I, personally have learned, with the world.

The question, remains, even now after almost two years spent devoted to being online and learning how to be heard, is how to be HEARD.

Alaska Chick & Alaska Chick-let on ThunderThe answer? You. Please, feel free to dig and read and ask any questions that come to mind that I may answer for you. To share with you, our lives here and the gifts we receive living here, yes, but the gifts we have received by having YOU, in our lives.

YOU are my answer. You. Sharing us, in person or online, with other people. Your friends, your family. We are all connected, and I for one am so glad for it. The truth of it, is that my life has brightened and made so much more by having you in it. That is what I want to do for you, in return. THAT is what I want to do for others too.

To share our lives and the blessings in our lives, the triumphs and struggles that connect us and make us stronger for learning from each of them, with you.

Please visit Prois Hunting and cast your vote (for me!!) for the 2012 Prois Hunting Award. Please spread the word and my words too, to your friends and family. I wont let you down. I will not quit. I will not give up.

Thank you, thank you.

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11 Responses to The 2012 Prois Hunting Award

  1. I love your passion, your dedication, and your desire to share and to serve! Amazing, Amber-Lee. In a way you’ve already won what few of us can only dream of. But good luck anyways!

    • Betsy,
      YOU are absolutely completely correct! I HAVE won. Since being here online, since this time in my life has come now… it seems to take so long, or it did for me, at least… to understand, what living a good and right life is about. Stay the Path.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  2. What a truly beautiful, heartfelt post Amber-Lee! You are a true inspiration and have allowed me (and many, many others) the privilege to peak in on some very noble, very cool dreams … my admiration for you immense. In a crazy world, you have a way of grounding things in a very beautiful, very meaningful way … thank you!

    Peace & goodness to you and yours always, Elena

    • Elena,
      Your comment really touched my heart and made me sigh… The hard part for me, as I learn more and more is realizing how “short” I come, finding the right words… I know so many will never, can not, be here with me. (sadness) So, it is up to me to give those people the next best thing…to share it with them through words and pictures. It meant everything to hear you say that I just may have done just that, at least once!
      Thank you.
      ~Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick!

  3. I commend you, I applaud you, I admire you, and I am humbled by you.

    Congratulations on this honor, and look at your blog — all grown up, professional, directed, on message, with key words, and plug ins and side bars and great imagery that #RocksHot and, and, and…you’ve made it; you really, truly have.

    I’m heading over to the award site and cast my vote; seems that voting is how we’re heard, and I vote for you.

    Way to go Amber-Lee…very proud of you.

    • Jayme!
      I cannot even fathom it… thank you. For being there, teaching and helping me make this… Thank you for your vote, I wont let you down. I want to make a difference, for us- yes, of course, there is so much I would do for Pioneer Outfitters, it has done so much for me, for Master Guide Terry Overly, who has never quit me (or anyone else) or teaching me, guiding me, helping me, trusting me…

      For all the people I can reach, to help them, teach them and share with them the blessings that seem to be everywhere to see…
      Thank you.

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