The World is Changing

So much stays the same, here in the remote Alaska mountains, living in the mountain wilderness. And yet, even here, where we have called home since 1924, so much has changed. The world is changing. Are we?

World is Changing


A little over three years ago, I was granted the Pioneer Outfitters website to see the decade old vision made into a reality. My vision was (and remains) to bring Pioneer Outfitters to the world’s attention.


Today’s amazing technology has made it possible to connect us, from opposite sides of the world. It requires from each of us, only the desire and the dedication to accomplish that.


There is so much for us each to learn from one another. So many questions that others already found the answers to. Untold numbers of humans waiting, just as I was, to be understood, to be heard, to listen to what she has to say, or what he has to share.


The world is changing. Are the people of the world changing? I do not see that. I see that our ways of communicating have changed. Communication, real time, right now, with the world, with every human in the world, is what has changed.


We humans, the two legged critters of this big beautiful world, still dream of, still work towards what we have always wanted. To be heard. To be seen. To be loved and allowed to love. To learn and to be allowed to learn and teach. To be safe and keep others safe. To live good lives, secure and healthy.


Fear is part of us. Courage is part of us. Leadership is part of us. Community and family are part of who we are. All of us. In “It’s All About You, Except it’s Not is another post that I hope reminds each person who reads it, how important each of those pieces of each of us, really are.


A friend wrote a beautifully simple, wonderfully inspiring post recently. Terri Klass, of Terri Klass Consulting wrote “If You Ran Into A Big Bear, What Would You Do?” The question Terri asked in her post was, “What would you do if you were NOT afraid?


Not too long ago, I myself wrote a post “The Comfort Zone” writing about taking chances, opportunities, that may not look like the dream or the vision that bought them about… but, as a friend helped me by pointing out ~ you may never know where the opportunity could take you. If you are courageous enough to take that step, outside of that comfort zone.


(Are you wondering if I will EVER get to the point? Ha! Sometimes, me too!)


The World is Changing


My world is again, changing. Here, on Pioneer Outfitters website, I am home. Here, on Alaska Chick’s Blog, I am happy!

World is Changing


There is more and I am courageous enough to face it with a strong heart, a clear mind and trembling knees.


First, I was asked to consider not simply being a “Featured” writer, a guest, for #bealeader ™ but to become a Resident Writer for this amazing group of humans. (This is HUGE!)


#bealeader ™ is a community of people from all walks of life, from all over the world, sharing their own experience in Leadership, lessons, thoughts and questions.


I would like to thank Jen Onley, Founder and CEO of GingerConsulting and #bealeader™. First, for having the dream and vision to create such a safe and interesting space to gather and share. Also, with my whole heart, for including me in something so important to my own growth and legacy to the Professional Guide Trainees that look to me to lead them through this part in their own journeys. Thank you, Jen.


My World is Changing


It’s funny how things twist and turn around in each of our lives. The strange doors appearing from seemingly nowhere, that we are compelled by something stronger than our own fears to step through.


My Identity Crisis was one such doorway I had never pictured or dreamed of walking through to follow that tricky path leading someplace I was sure was not for those such as myself. A published author! Ha! Now, THAT, really is funny!

Now. This chick I met on Twitter just over three years ago. Little did I realize that I had found someone who would become so very important to me, so quickly.


Carrie Zylka: Huntress. Outdoor Writer. Podcast Hostess. ~Yes! That is the byline on her website, but it says so little. There is so much more. The Wild World of CarrieZ Podcast blew the minds of Podcast listeners in short time. In that short period of time, The Wild Ones were born of Carrie’s vision.


The Wild Ones, in Carrie’s words, are “The best of the best and wild at heart..” 12 bloggers chosen and brought together to further share Carrie’s vision of bringing you the Adventures and blessings that the wilderness and outdoors hold for every one of us.

World is Changing


The Wild Adventures of Alaska Chick will be my own contribution to this amazing development. I will share my own experiences, lessons, Adventures and tips focusing on family and Family Adventures of all kinds.


This focus on Family, for The Wild Adventures of Alaska Chick, is very important to me and was one of the big draws for me to answer Carrie’s post, “CarrieZ’s Wild Ones Casting Call” with a “pick me!” request.


The World is Changing


There are two points I would like to share with you, here on Alaska Chick’s Blog. From me to you. You, as you read this.



Alaska Chick’s Blog is my way, (me, Amber-Lee) of allowing you to know who we are. To pull the “public” curtain away and bring you into our lives. As we live our lives, we make our living. This is me, speaking to you. Sharing with you our triumphs and our losses. The struggles and the big wins.


My goal is to reach the entire world, and introduce it to Pioneer Outfitters. To allow the world to know that we are here. Yes, in Chisana, Alaska; but more, here, with you. To share the journey I am on, discovering and growing into my own purpose, my own legacy (to borrow the word from Jen Onley!), to leave my own children, my Team, the Trainees that come to us and the people they one day will touch.


This will never change. Alaska Chick’s Blog will continue to share our lives at, as part of and as; Pioneer Outfitters.



This is going to be fun! LOL!

Oh come on! Yes, I am aware there already isn’t enough time in each day! Yes, I thought of that too ~ I am about to be swamped at my “day job” (LOL!! -giggling- No silly, I mean I’ll be heading out on the International Horseback Adventure! Followed immediately by Summertime Horseback Wilderness Adventures and turning into Fall Big Game Hunts!). I’ll be writing and living anyhow! Why not write a little more?! Focus on a great subject: Families! Focus on an awesome and powerful topic: Leadership!


So, make sure you check out #bealeader™ and you’ll never regret it. It is an amazing feeling being around that many incredibly gifted people. By “gifted” I mean that they have all gathered to improve themselves, to help each other, to make a difference for others. All others.


I’ll be over there writing too! Resident Writer. (pretty cool, eh?)


And be certain to bookmark The Wild Ones! The Wild Adventures of Alaska Chick is where you’ll find me over at Carrie’s place. You have to come along on the adventure with me!


The World is Changing


It’s true. We all know it. The question is, “Are you going to enjoy the ride or fuss about the weather?” Are you going to embrace what is or wait until you lose the one thing a person can never get back? Time. The world is changing. I am embracing the opportunities that lay inside it.


Will you?


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12 Responses to The World is Changing

  1. Yay! Are there enough hours in the day? LOL! Probably not, if you write all the tass and responsibilities down on paper! But somehow the important AND fun stuff gets done when you’re doing what you were born to do.
    I can’t wait to see it all unfold!

    • The important stuff DOES get done, doesn’t it? I finally caught on to this a while back and do you know what I did?
      I stopped worrying about it all.
      Just. Like. That.
      And it is a LOT of fun, you are right.

  2. Knowing that you voice will be out there in an even bigger way is something I’m going to celebrate. While tons of people write about leadership that happens in the four walls of an office building, you connect us with raw, real, people-focused, living leadership that consistently strikes a chord with me. So excited to continue to learn from you and share your journey!

    • I’m glad you are coming along, Alli.
      I don’t know if many of you know how much fun it is for me, when I am out-and-about, to think of you as I ride along. What I can share with you, to make it real for you.
      Thank you, for being here with us.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  3. You Rock Amber Lee. Your human self and leadership comes out in everything you do. I love the way you share your real life experiences and what you learn or share with others.

    I see that smile in your face through those tough moments, because you know you will come through with flying colors.

    Honored to be learning from you and your experiences.

    • Thank you Lalita!
      I don’t know that I’ll come through… I just know that I have to move forward. I cannot allow the small stuff to slow me down. There is too much to do, too many Adventures to have, too much to learn. LOL!

      Lalita.. we are all living lives so full of promise and blessings, it took so long for me to understand that… Sharing the lessons learned beside our Guide Trainees or interacting with guests and clients, with the wildlife, predators, with Nature, herself.. it is all right there, in front of all of us, every day. The answers we are all searching for.

      I don’t know if it is this spiritual area, if it is the wilderness or if I finally just caught on; but knowing what I do now is certainly worth sharing it with whomever I can reach.
      Thank you for being here, Lalita.

  4. Amber-Lee, you are continually changing and growing, a real testament to your leadership abilities! I love to read about all of your adventures and how leading in the outdoors creates lifelong lessons! I look forward to all your teachings because you truly are a gifted writer and understand how to connect with people. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thanks for sharing my post. You actually have made me less afraid to try new things. Thank you for that, my adventurous leader!

    • Aww! Really?!

      I went for a ride in the Park today, just had to get out for a while. My head was full of so many different thoughts and I was pushing hard.. but, it wasn’t what I wanted to share. I like being excited for the next post to publish, waiting, wondering if this one will touch someone, connect with someone, somewhere. So! I was asked to “go play” and I said “YES!”

      We were cleaning up the trail as we went along, the big Spring winds had pushed over more trees and they had to be chainsawed and moved. The sky was what I call “Alaska Blue.” So very blue, it almost hurts to look at it. Hot-hot and bright with a nice wind to keep the skeeters away. As we crept along, going so slow because I kept stopping to take pictures, I couldn’t look around fast enough.

      Terri! There is so much to see! It is so utterly beautiful. I could go up and down the same trail everyday, and never see it all. I could take thousands of pictures, come back in the morning and start over! That is what I was thinking today as we were out. I am so very blessed. I can’t wait for our next guests to arrive so I can watch someone see it, feel it.

      Thank you so much for being here, when I got back today. I found something very special today. (Stay tuned!)

  5. I knew you when, Little Girl. See what happens after 3 years of blogging? It does; it happened to me, too; now, it’s your turn to shine, shine.

    You’re a beacon of inspiration. Very proud of you.

  6. Oh those Baby Steps you took that Jayme mentioned 3 yrs ago. I remember them well. I am so proud of what you did and ALL you do now. You are one Awesome “Chick.” I for one am very proud to call you my friend, a special pal indeed. You have certainly inspired everyone in my house. Yes Alaska Chick has a fan club of 11 to 14 yr. old boys, that have just about worn out the pages of her coffee table size book! That says a lot to me! She’s a role model to look up to no matter what age you may be!

    As Always ~*~

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